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Happy Independence Day!

This goes out to all of the Veterans and active duty Military personnel. Thank you all so very much for continuously defending and fighting for our freedom!! :)


Long-Time Real Estate Professional Reinvents Herself as Corporate Housing Entrepreneur

For six years, Meghan Hartman’s career was in flux. The Global Financial Crisis ravaged the real estate industry, and Hartman, a former real estate agent, was looking to reinvent herself. Enter AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing in 2013, and an opportunity to own a local office in Phoenix, AZ.

_11278Ready to take charge of her career, Hartman jumped on this new business venture, with encouragement from her long-time confidant, Mark Vost, who today helps Hartman run the company’s day-to-day operations.

“As I unraveled the AvenueWest brand, I could see what a great fit it was for Meghan, and how her real estate skill-set would be an asset to her running a business like this,” says Vost.

Today, AvenueWest Corporate Housing in Phoenix is a thriving business that not only provides property management services to owners of furnished homes being offered for rent, but also provides high quality, short-term rental properties to those in need of temporary housing. Hartman says her ideal clients include traveling business executives, visiting medical professionals, and insurance companies in need of furnished homes for their displaced clients.

SUNT105 R03AvenueWest Phoenix Experiences Steady Growth

Hartman says AvenueWest Phoenix has experienced steady growth from the start, enabling her to manage seasonal swings.

“Phoenix’s rental season is busy in the winter and quiet in the summer, which can at times be overwhelming or underwhelming,” says Hartman. “We are committed to working hard year round to forge new relationships that strengthen our business so we can persevere through dramatic seasonal swings.”

5401_e_van_buren_st_1102_MLS_HID913246_ROOMdinningareaHartman says she created a medical professionals division to cater to the ongoing corporate housing needs of visiting medical professionals to Phoenix. “This has provided us with a steady stream of business no matter the season,” she says.

The backbone of AvenueWest Phoenix though, says Hartman, is the AvenueWest business model and corporate support team.

“We would not be able to do corporate housing without AvenueWest. The brand brings instant recognition and respect, not to mention a great deal of leads. We cannot give enough credit to AvenueWest’s global team and concept,” says Vost. familyroomkitchen_700

About AvenueWest Phoenix

AvenueWest Phoenix provides unparalleled service and exclusive furnished corporate housing properties available for rent in Paradise Valley, the Biltmore area, Downtown Phoenix, Midtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, the Warehouse District, Central Avenue, Camelback Corridor, and Arcadia. Visit for more information or give us a call today – 602.753.2412. _11288

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Rental Laws: Chicago, Illinois

Originally posted on Corporate Housing & Apartments Rental Blog:

Chicago is a very large city, with a significant population of residents, businesses and rental properties. If you’re in the process of deciding to rent out your property, you must ensure that you comply with the city’s laws and ordinances governing what you (and your tenants) can and cannot do. It’s also important to understand that the rules applying to renters who choose to rent furnished apartments don’t necessarily apply to extended stay properties.

Residential Properties

If you’re a residential landlord (you’re renting residential property to tenants), then you’re governed by the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance, or RLTO. This ordinance does not govern the following types of properties and situations:

  • Owner-occupied buildings with six or fewer units
  • Rooming houses, hotels and motels unless rent is monthly and occupancy is 32 days or more
  • Employee quarters
  • Dorms and shelters for students
  • Convents
  • Hospitals
  • Nonresidential properties
  • Owner-occupied condos
  • Owner-occupied co-ops

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AvenueWest Northern Colorado Offers Turnkey Solutions for Corporate and Transitional Housing

Deb Salek, the owner of AvenueWest Northern Colorado, recently had the article “AvenueWest Northern Colorado Offers Turnkey Solutions for Corporate and Transitional Housing” on the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce website:

“With an increased local need for high-quality furnished short-term rentals, AvenueWest Northern Colorado has carved out a niche as a premier provider of full-service corporate and transitional housing in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and surrounding communities.

The view from one of our exclusive fully furnished corporate housing units.

The view from one of our exclusive fully furnished corporate housing units.

‘AvenueWest offers much more than a hotel stay, but rather a home away from home where you can feel settled and comfortable for your time in the property. We make it as easy as possible for clients. Just bring your suitcase,’ said Deb Salek, AvenueWest Northern Colorado CEO, Broker, and Owner. ‘We provide choices for the traveling professional or relocating individual.’


Todd, as COO and the head of business development, brings his vast experience in sales and customer service to AvenueWest and their clients. Todd, having traveled extensively with his previous career with a Fortune 100 company, fully appreciates the value, convenience and amenities of quality corporate housing.

“Our client companies find that it’s much more convenient to work with one point person to coordinate their business’s short-term furnished housing needs,” said Todd. “They are guaranteed to receive consistent quality and service with every property, and never have to worry about dealing with unknown property owners who may have varying quality standards.”


All AvenueWest properties are move-in ready and feature a full kitchen, fine housewares and furnishings, linens and towels, and other comforts of home. All utilities, phone, cable and internet are already connected when clients move in and are included in one rental payment.

To read the full article, click here. Please visit our website to see all of our beautiful properties located in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley, CO. For more information, contact us directly: 970-797-3099 or via email


From CHPA: Top 6 Questions Answered About Temporary Living

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) has compiled the six most frequently asked questions regarding corporate housing answered by several different corporate housing providers and they have allowed us to post these here:

“While most industries have rebounded and are making strides, the economic downturn created an entire class of new, innovative ventures – the new sharing economy. While local governments and communities continue to struggle with how this new paradigm impacts businesses and communities, business – and global mobility – moves on. Whether you need a ride, someone to care for your pets, or someplace to temporarily stay, how we get what we need, personally and professionally, is changing. In today’s ever-evolving business climate, corporate housing professionals remain a strong resource in the relocation industry.

We asked several corporate housing providers to clarify common questions of guests about what they offer in today’s marketplace…

  1.  The industry average for temporary living is $140 per day. This equates to a $4,200 per month apartment and seems expensive. What comprises the rate?

When seeking quotes for corporate housing, guests are often tempted to compare this lodging option to extended stay hotel rates. While rates may be similar in some markets, they are vastly different in many others. Be sure to analyze that you are comparing like items. Simply comparing daily rate is comparing apples to oranges. Think beyond just a roof and a bed, and include all the items that make a house a home.

Included in the rate are housewares, linens, furniture, electronics, decor and lighting, and a single source for all utilities and customer service oversight. Other common and readily available services are cable television or satellite service, movie options, wireless internet and even local phone service and housekeeping. Corporate housing also includes many upscale amenities and services expected in how we live today as this housing is in a residential setting. Services such as grocery shopping, business centers, fitness centers, car services, and pet-friendly properties are readily available if needed in this temporary space.

When breaking down the cost of corporate housing even further to illustrate how all of the additional costs and expenses are factored into the price of the accommodation, the profit margins are very small and getting smaller as rents continue to increase. Outside of rent, the additional costs can be 50% or more of the total cost.

‘Factoring in all of the housewares and furniture plus the utilities, the net cost is more than double the base rent per month,’ Gavan James, CCHP, President and CEO of Nomad Temporary Housing explains. ‘Finally, they must have staff to administer their business, sell, set-up, clean and service the apartment and factor in vacancy cost for when the apartment is not rented. The net result is ofter a 5% profit margin on that apartment.’

With more square footage, more residential-type amenities, as well as access to all resident functions, corporate housing guests can participate in a community rather than just pass through a transient environment.

2. Why does availability change from day to day?

Availability fluctuations seem mysterious; however, the answer is simple. While there are many options when it comes to hotel choices, availability at apartment communities is at an all-time low across the country. Available inventory is often difficult to locate and once an apartment has been returned to the community, it might not be available to rent again. These communities are looking for long-term renters, so a returned apartment is often immediately re-leased.

‘Units are only offered once the guest gives a formal notice to depart. These notices are received on a daily basis, making those apartments available to the next renter,’ says Jeff Mahoney, Vice President of Global Business Development for Weichert Corporate Housing. ‘It is important to make a timely decision when an apartment is offered, or the apartment may be rented to another guest.’

3. Why can’t we get a volume discount for larger groups such as a summer intern group?

Corporate housing costs for expenses such as rent and utilities are fixed costs. They do not change regardless of the number of units a provider manages at a property. In addition, market forces can make offering discounts difficult, especially in summer months.

‘Apartment rents are higher during the busy summer months. Availability is also at a premium due to higher demand,’ explains Guy Cook, COO of SuiteAmerica. ‘Both of those forces pre-empt flexibility on price, even for large groups.’

Most corporate housing providers agree that given the length of stay and number of accommodations needed, some flexibility may apply. Proper planning and advanced notice can help inform your housing provider so they can review available apartments to offer a creative solution that could save you money.

‘Most companies would like to see their interns have housing at one location,’ says Pam Wade, CCHP, Vice President of Gables Corporate Accommodations and CHPA Chairman of the Board. ‘Strategically, it makes more sense to work with a provider that has inventory in the market the company needs and place the company associates at several locations.’

4. I need a place for a short stay for 30 or 60 days, why should I rent from a corporate housing provider instead of an online host, such as an AirBnB place? They seem cheaper and more hip.

With all the variables that come with relocating, it is often tempting for individuals to use an online marketplace to manage the housing portion of their relocation. As this is how most people are comfortable finding hotel accommodations, using this approach to finding longer-term housing seems like a logical next step. Individual searches for acceptable lodging can be risky and daunting; however, using a corporate housing provider can reduce the stress and liability of trusting strangers.

Corporate housing providers have a great deal of experience in providing everything a relocating individual or family needs. These professionally managed companies have a vested interest in making sure guests have a positive experience as their company’s reputation is at stake. ‘With a Code of Ethics, best practices training and a network of partners to provide a guest with what they need,’ says Samantha Elliott, CCHP, CRP, President of Preferred Corporate Housing, ‘partnering with a professional corporate housing provider alleviates risk.’ Online marketplaces come with more risk.

Security is certainly one of the major concerns for someone new to the area. This includes security of the property as it relates to the location as well as the safety and condition of the property itself. Apartments are zoned for the correct type of occupancy as well as abide by fire and safety codes. When using a personal residence found through an online marketplace, there is no guarantee the accommodation will be safe and secure.

‘Renting a small room in someone’s house or apartment might be fun for a few days,’ say Piper Ayala, CCHP, Vice President of ExecuStay Midwest. ‘But for extended stays, the comfort, convenience and spaciousness of a corporate apartment is a much better fit for corporate travelers.’

As online marketplaces do not monitor or regulate safety compliance for listings, it is the responsibility of the end user to properly assess the safety and condition of listings. This can be very difficult and time-consuming for guests. There are very few resources available that provide background information or inspection history for listing owners and their properties.

With all the variables that come with relocating, finding knowledgeable expertise to ensure a smooth transition is critical to avoiding an expensive ‘bad’ decision. The majority of individual postings on web aggregator sites do not have experienced mobility professionals to help relocate individuals and families globally. Look for professionals that hold designations from various organizations, including ERC certifications, that reflect their dedication and knowledge in the industry.

Just as relying on online marketplaces can be risky, so can expecting to use extended stay hotels for short-term stays. While there may be some availability, they may not be able to accommodate a guest for the duration of their stay.

‘When comparing corporate housing to hotels, keep in mind that hotels may not be able to offer 30 or 60 consecutive days,’ explains Wade. ‘If there are other events going on in a market (sporting events, conventions, etc.), there may already be weeks or weekends booked months in advance.’

5. Typically, the minimum length of stay in corporate housing is often 30 days, based on local and/or legal restrictions. When and why is a shorter length of stay acceptable? What is the maximum length of stay?

Corporate housing is governed at the local level. Many times, local regulations prohibit stays of less than 30 days. Shorter term stays for less than 30 days may be available where it is legal. Your professional corporate housing provider can advise on this issue on a per market basis. Conversely, guests can frequently stay in corporate housing indefinitely depending on availability, allowing for flexibility for extended assignments.

‘We consistently monitor and stay informed on the local laws and legal restrictions as it relates to the minimum stays in our markets,’ says Billy Cochran, Director of Operations for TP Corporate Lodging. ‘While there are frequently minimum stay requirements, guests can often stay in their accommodation as long as it is available and frequently can extend their stays.’

6. Why do I need to give a 30 day notice to depart a temporary apartment? A hotel does not require this.

A notable difference between hotels and corporate housing is the notice to depart. While hotels typically don’t require any type of notice that a guest is leaving, corporate housing typically requires 30 days’ notice. Corporate housing companies manage their inventory by controlling their vacant apartments. Keeping vacancy low allows them to offer competitive rates, keeping the rates reasonable for guests.

‘An extended stay hotel allows guests to depart without notice; however, they would charge significantly more per day for a comparably sized apartment alternative,’ says James. ‘Corporate housing providers ask for a 30 day notice so they have time to re-rent the apartment and avoid a vacancy.’

With more housing options today than ever before, the answers to these questions are critical to a successful temporary stay. Understanding the reality of today’s marketplace will help set expectations and ensure a smooth transition by alleviating stress. One way to do this is to partner with a qualified corporate housing provider for all of your needs.”


Traveling Nurses – Check Out These Useful Apps to Make Your Jobs Easier

Technology makes everyone’s jobs a bit easier but these eight apps are specifically created for medical professionals to help while at work and also while traveling.

  1. Eprocrates App for Traveling nurses provides all sorts of useful information right at your fingertips.

    Eprocrates App for Traveling nurses provides all sorts of useful information right at your fingertips.

     Epocrates. Use this free app to help with identifying drug interactions, pill information, formulas, etc. There is one also available for $159.99/year that will also allow for diagnostic and lab tests as well as disease information.

  2. This Merck Manual app is available for purchase and is the full manual on your smart phone or tablet to aid medical professionals while at work or on the go.

    This Merck Manual app is available for purchase and is the full manual on your smart phone or tablet to aid medical professionals while at work or on the go.

     The Merck Manual. This app can be purchased for $34.99 for Apple users and is the full manual with disease, diagnostics, and prescription information right at your fingertips.

  3. This Nursing Central app is available for purchase and gives nurses information about everything they will need while traveling and also gives them access to Nursing Journals.

    This Nursing Central app is available for purchase and gives nurses information about everything they will need while traveling and also gives them access to Nursing Journals.

     Nursing Central can be purchased for $169.99/year and gives you access to nursing journals and detailed information about tests, procedures, and diseases.

  4. This free Medigram app allows medical professional to communication more effectively while using HIPAA standards.

    This free Medigram app allows medical professional to communication more effectively while using HIPAA standards.

    Use Medigram while at work in the hospital or clinic setting to allow for better communication amongst all staff while adhering to HIPAA standards. This app is free.

  5. This Pill Identifier app will help in all ways of pill identification.

    This Pill Identifier app will help in all ways of pill identification.

     Pill Identifier is a free app that will help identify pills that have been mislabeled/spilled as well as provides information about medications based on their identifiers.

  6. Profitrakr is applicable for all traveling business professionals but also has specific expenses for traveling nurses.

    Profitrakr is applicable for all traveling business professionals but also has specific expenses for traveling nurses.

    The app, ProfiTrakr, is the perfect tool for traveling nurses. It allows you to easily record all of your travel expenses and has a specific selection for traveling nurses. It can be purchased for $1.99.

  7. The Tripomatic app is like your personal travel planner. Use it to find the best attractions and must see places in your new city.

    The Tripomatic app is like your personal travel planner. Use it to find the best attractions and must see places in your new city.

     Tripomatic is a free app that will help you find the attractions at the new city you have been assigned to and will allow you to create your very own travel itinerary.

  8. This fun GPS app gives you up to date information while you are driving about accidents, gas prices, etc.

    This fun GPS app gives you up to date information while you are driving about accidents, gas prices, etc.

    Use Waze, the free GPS navigation app that gives you real time data on where you need to go including accidents, traffic, speed traps, gas prices, etc.

These eight apps have been created especially for use by medical professionals who are on the road and traveling for work. Hopefully these fine apps will make you more productive while working and will come in handy when you are on the go. Remember, if you are ever in need of a fully furnished rental in your new city, we would love to help you find the perfect home away from home! :)


Rental Car Insurance: Why a Little Extra Upfront Can Save You Thousands in the End

The decision to purchase insurance through rental car companies has been a long debated topic for travelers. No surprise, when thousands of dollars are on the line you want to get it right.

If you don’t have personal auto insurance it’s vital you purchase rental insurance, in most states it’s mandatory. While many forgo rental insurance to save a quick buck up front, they’re not aware that an accident can leave them owing thousands, even if they have personal auto insurance.

Many renters with a primary auto policy are still at risk. Personal automobile insurance plans may only cover a rental vehicle for 31 consecutive days; if plans include a long term rental vehicle it’s important to be aware of your policy parameters. In addition, some insurance companies may not extend coverage benefits to renters if the vehicle is being used for business purposes. Even a full coverage plan might not protect you from every charge the rental company can enforce, such as “loss of use” charges. These charges include loss of profit to the company while the car undergoes repairs, reduction of vehicle value, and administrative fees.

If you choose not to purchase the additional insurance offered by the rental companies, in the event of an accident, you’ll be required to meet the deductible on your personal insurance to repair damages, potentially increasing the cost of your annual insurance premium for five years or more.

If you’re sharing the driving responsibilities in a rental with someone not on your insurance policy they will not be covered. You’ll have to purchase an additional driver option, which extends the coverage to ensure everyone in the car has limited risk.

International AutoSource provides a full-service rental car solution for International and Domestic assignees in 13 countries. This program includes comprehensive insurance on all rentals at no extra cost in addition to exclusive savings and other great benefits. To learn more visit

car insurance


AvenueWest Global Franchise Awarded Top Real Estate Investment Award

Denver, CO – May 20, 2014 – AvenueWest Global Franchise, a leader in the corporate housing industry announced today that they were recognized in Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine’s Annual Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers and Market Leaders Awards.

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine/PREI as a leading publication for individual real estate investors has a role to identify individuals and service providers who are helping move our industry forward,” stated the PREI editors.

AvenueWest Global Franchise has been awarded for the second year in a row the Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers & Market Leaders Award from the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. :)

AvenueWest Global Franchise has been awarded for the second year in a row the Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers & Market Leaders Award from the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. :)

“This is our second year on the list,” commented Kimberly Smith, the CEO of AvenueWest Global Franchise. “We are honored to join this group of respected industry leaders that are working to establish individual residential investment real estate as a reputable and sound investment opportunity.”

We are looking forward to continued help and service for the individual real estate investor. If you are an investor looking for a full service property management company to manage your portfolio of investment real estate, we are located in Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, Fort Collins, CO & Northern Colorado, Phoenix, AZ, and San Francisco, CA. We can match your property with qualified business travelers, corporate housing clients, individuals, insurance claims, athletes, etc. Contact any of our eight locally owned and operated full property management offices that offer fully furnished residential properties.



Northeast Suites Named 2014 CHPA Company of the Year!! :)

Northeast Suites Logo - 2014 Company of the Year

Northeast Suites who is affiliated with AvenueWest Boston received this year’s Company of the Year Award from the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA). The Tower of Excellence and Company of the Year Awards recognize outstanding member companies and individuals who demonstrate commitment, excellence, and significant contributions to their company, CHPA, and the industry. “It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the Corporate Housing Providers Association as its Company of the Year,” said CEO and Founder Patrick Flynn. “Winning this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Northeast Suites team, and we will continue to build upon our reputation as the premier corporate housing provider in the northeast.”

Patrick Flynn, Founder and CEO of Northeast Suites accepting this prestigious award.

Patrick Flynn, Founder and CEO of Northeast Suites accepting this prestigious award.

We are so proud of Patrick and his whole team at Northeast Suites!! :) Way to go guys!!

Patrick Flynn pictured with Erica Riccardi, his Reservation Coordinator, and Michelle Leonard, his General Manager. Way to go team!

Patrick Flynn pictured with Erica Riccardi, his Reservation Coordinator, and Michelle Leonard, his General Manager. Way to go team!




AvenueWest Corporate Housing Celebrates 15th Anniversary

AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., founded in April of 1999, celebrates their 15th anniversary this year! :)

AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., founded in April of 1999, celebrates their 15th anniversary this year! :)

This Colorado business shows staying power by finding solutions for customers in the economic and housing market’s ups and downs.

DENVER, May 1st, 2014 – AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., started as a small real estate management company but quickly grew to the largest provider of corporate housing rentals in Colorado, added a spin-off of Corporate Housing by Owner and is now the foundation for the national expansion of AvenueWest Global Franchise. This month AvenueWest Corporate Housing is celebrating its 15th anniversary of doing business and providing solutions for property owners, corporate travelers and business owners alike.

In 1999 Kimberly Smith along with her business partner and husband, Eric, founded AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc. Which went on to become a multi-million dollar company providing furnished corporate housing and property management services to upscale business travelers. A recognized leader in the industry, AvenueWest was awarded the Corporate Housing Providers Association’s (CHPA) prestigious 2010 Provider Company of the Year Award and listed for 3 consecutive years on Inc Magazine’s Inc 5000 list featuring the country’s fastest growing businesses.

Kimberly Smith states that there are two secrets to the company’s success. First, they work hard to run AvenueWest as a team and develop a place where their employees enjoy coming to work, take pride in what they do and create lasting solutions for the tasks at hand.

Secondly, Smith adds, that they believe in doing business the old-fashioned way, person-to-person with high standards for customer service. “We are able to offer relocated or traveling professionals more than just a temporary place to call home; we also help them get to know and love their new city like we do. So many of our customers come back to us time and time again because they know they can depend on us for reliable information about the city they are relocating to.”

Kimberly and Eric Smith are passionate about people and finding solutions. They believe real estate investors will continue to invest and need the right support teams to protect those investments. “2014 is the year of the real estate investor,” the Smith’s say. “We’re not just interested in running a website or a property management business. What we’re doing is much bigger. We’re educating and developing sustainable systems and residual income. We see today as a time that real estate investment can and should be as accessible as trading stocks.”

Alpha Books, a division of the Penguin Group agrees. The publisher, knowing the real estate landscape had shifted and seeing a need for investment property guidance, recently hired Kimberly Smith to write and share her hard-earned knowledge with the rest of the world and so was born, The Idiot’s Guides: Making Money with Rental Properties. “It’s not good enough to shout from the roof tops that corporate housing is a fantastic venture, we have to show investors how and why in 2014.”

Kimberly Smith continues to lead in the corporate housing industry and served as the 2011 Chairman of the Board of Directors for CHPA, the primary trade organization for the corporate housing industry. Kimberly has been nationally recognized for her business success and her philanthropic endeavors and is frequently featured in media sources like The NY Times, The LA Times, The Denver Post, US News & World Report,, CNBC and  She was awarded the 2013 Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business award for real estate, small business finalist in 2010, a finalist in the prestigious Power Book special section of The Denver Business Journal, a feature in Denver Woman magazine as an outstanding business woman and mother. In 2009 she was selected to join The Denver Business Journal’s elite class of 40 under 40 and in 2010 and was recognized by CoBiz Magazine as a top 5 GenXYZ leader.

About AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc.

AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc. was found in 1999 by husband and wife team, Kimberly and Eric Smith. Kimberly and Eric began their corporate housing careers in 1994 providing corporate housing to the San Francisco market before relocating to Denver and starting AvenueWest. More information can be found at

About AvenueWest Global Franchise:

Established in 2010, AvenueWest Global Franchise grew from the desire to expand the business opportunity and corporate housing excellence achieved through the AvenueWest Corporate Housing Managed Corporate Housing program that was founded in 1999. Currently AvenueWest Global Franchise has 8 offices located in Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Colorado Springs CO, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Fort Collins CO, Phoenix AZ, and San Francisco CA. For franchise information and opportunities go to:

About (CHBO): was founded in 2006 out of a need to connect private homeowners and real estate investors offering furnished, short-term rentals with corporate housing seekers such as traveling executives, relocated professionals, traveling nurses, actors, athletes and more. The company gives individual homeowners and investors tools to manage a corporate housing property themselves as well as helps them market their property to a mass audience turning to corporate housing to fulfill their housing needs. More information is available at:


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