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November 2, 2011


Corporate Housing Can Foster Employee Health and Save Your Company Money Too!

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

You may be wondering what is the single most important benefit to staying in a corporate housing rental over a hotel?  To us, the number one benefit is that corporate housing fosters a healthy lifestyle – one that is much healthier than the hotel housing lifestyle.

Healthy eating is important for everyone and is a growing trend in the nation so wouldn’t you want your employees to have the equipment necessary to eat right and feel better? Offering your employees the option to stay in a corporate rental (with a FULL kitchen and most needed cooking tools) vs. a hotel will allow them the option to stay in and cook a healthier meal rather than dining out or ordering room service. Typically, menu choices are not as healthy as one would assume (can we talk about portion control) and eating out/ordering in for every meal is a costly venture (taxes, price mark-up, and tips aren’t factors when you eat in). Plus, eating in is way more comfortable – you can dine in your pajamas and no one will care.

By encouraging healthy eating, your company and employees will be happier overall in health and wealth:

  •  The number of obese employees may decrease. Less eating out means the company saves money. Employees that eat in will require lower stipends for food.
  • Corporate Housing provides your employees with a residential property instead of a transient hotel environment, which will relieve stress and do wonders for someone’s psyche.
  • Less stress and healthy eating may also help increase your employee’s productivity because healthier generally equals happier.

Some of the most common reasons employees miss work or become unproductive are due to stress and obesity. You can deter such unproductivity by helping your employees feel good, eat right, and make good decisions while traveling by making the simple decision to book them a corporate rental vs. a transient hotel.

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  1. Thanks for this article!

    We’re all for healthy eating and cost effectiveness, too.

    Feel free to read ours at the link above on how corporate housing providers should include a variety of cooking implements.

    Keep It In Your Kitchen-



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