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November 23, 2011

Business Travelers: Look for These Five Things in Corporate Rentals

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Individual preferences will ultimately vary; however, as a general rule of thumb, here are five things to look for when in the market for a corporate rental:

Amenities, Location, Size, Price, and Availability each play an important role in the kind of corporate rental you stay in.

  1. Property Location: Is the property located in the specific location you are looking for? The property should be in close proximity to where you’ll work, shop and eat, etc. You should also make sure the general area is one that you feel comfortable and safe in.
  2. Budget: You obviously don’t want to break the bank to stay in a corporate rental; however, many travelers find corporate rentals much more affordable for longer stays than hotels. If your stay is going to be more than one month, ask your leasing agent if there could be a monthly rental rate discount for signing a longer term lease. Most corporate housing companies can be a little flexible on rates for longer stays if you are willing to stay longer too.
  3. Availability: The properties being offered to you should match your overall leasing requirements. If you need the property for an indefinite amount of time, make sure the property you will be renting can accommodate your changing or uncertain time frame. Some corporate rental properties are more flexible than others. If you know you will be most likely extending your lease after your lease contract date, check with your leasing agent to find out if you can rent the property on a month-to-month basis. find a property that fits your availability needs above all else so you’re not stuck with a leasing agreement you can’t live with.
  4. Size: Book a property sized properly for your needs – especially taking into consideration any possible guests or family members that might visit. Also, if you plan to bring your pet, consider renting a single family home with a fenced yard to ensure plenty of outdoor space for Fido. Be sure to inquire with your leasing agent if pets are allowed at a particular property, and if so, what are the additional fees, restrictions, and/or requirements.
  5. Amenities: Ask your leasing agent about the property’s amenities. Some properties feature fitness centers or pools while others have only the bear minimum. If fitness is important to you, you’ll want to stay in a property with gym equipment or nearby to a local gym. Be sure to inquire about any amenities that are necessities (maybe air conditioning, covered parking, etc.) before committing to a property too.

By becoming a better informed renter, you can ensure an overall better corporate housing stay. Remember, location, budget, availabilty, property size, and amenities are all factors that should be carefully weighed when making an informed decision about where to stay during your business travels.

Good luck!

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