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December 2, 2011

Business Travelers: Ditch Hidden Hotel Fees For Good With Corporate Housing

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Think about the last time you stayed in a hotel. How many “excess” hidden fees did you experience during your stay? Maybe you paid $25 for parking or $13 per day for Internet access. Or maybe you tipped the bellboy $5 for carrying your bags or an extra 20% for room-service?

What you most likely have experienced is what business travelers have know for a long time – the lodging fee is not the only fee the hotel is going to charge you!

Remember, when booking a hotel room for your next trip, hidden fees do matter! Hotels add on Lodging taxes, room service charges, taxes, daily Internet usage fees, and more! What happens is at the end of your stay, the original rate you thought you (or your company) would be paying has increased significantly. Not to mention all the excess money you spent eating out or ordering in room service every night.

Business travelers can ditch the hidden fees for good by staying in a corporate rental.

Yes, corporate housing provides all inclusive rental properties without the hidden fees. In fact, when leasing a corporate rental, ask you leasing agent to provide a list of included items and, most importantly, any additional fees (mostly likely you won’t see any)!

For the most part, Internet, cable, phone service, utilities, parking, etc. are all included in the monthly rental rate. Electricity and gas usage is usually capped depending on the amount of bedrooms.

Wouldn’t you rather stay in a corporate rental like this without worry of hidden fees?

Lodging taxes are only applicable to corporate housing stays under 30 days and some companies may not be set up with the local or state authorities to allow for shorter stays.

Further, because corporate rentals provide a full-sized kitchen, travelers can store and make their own healthy food in their own kitchen without worry of eating out – and eating into your wallet – every night.

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