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December 7, 2011

Corporate Housing Can Alleviate Stress During Holiday Travel, But Are You Prepared to Celebrate the Holidays in a Home Away From Home?

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Traveling over the holidays can be a complete nightmare with the weather being unpredictable, the airports and roads being jam packed with people and cars, and lodging solutions totally booked. The good news is that individuals and families can avoid the lodging crunch by utilizing corporate housing.

In fact, utilizing a corporate housing company to help you find a corporate rental:

  • May help alleviate some of the stressful perils holiday travel brings. For example, because many business travelers don’t travel during the holidays, there is often a large supply of available corporate rentals to choose from whereas hotels may be completely booked up.
  • May help you enjoy the holidays more. During the holidays, staying in a hotel can be a festive-kill; after all, a stark hotel room is not where you want to be sipping eggnog while caroling around the furnace, only to be interrupted by a constantly dinging elevator located just outside your door. Rather, corporate rentals will provide you with a home away from home and will be much more comfortable for your family to spread out and enjoy some holiday cheer.

When looking for a holiday-friendly corporate rental, talk to your leasing agent about these things:

  1. Will the property have space for a Christmas tree and what is their policy (if any) for decorating the outside of the property? Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holidays in style. If you are renting in an area where you can chop your own tree and wish to partake in this activity, find out if you can borrow an axe to use so you won’t have to buy one there.
  2. Will the property allow or have holiday decorations? Some rentals are fully decorated during the holiday or upon the request of a renter. Make sure you discuss any holiday decor issues you may have or require with your leasing agent.
  3. Does the neighborhood or city have any local holiday traditions and when will they be? Your corporate housing providers know the area well and can recommend fun things to do like outdoor ice skating rinks or holiday parties.

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