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February 8, 2012


Be Travel-Kind; An App Tailor Made for Busy Business Travelers

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

In this 10 week series, we will be featuring one business travel tip and one smartphone app developed primarily for the healthcare professional but that we have found can be beneficial to any kind of business traveler.

Business Travel Tip of the Week – #1

I was recently perusing and will be referencing throughout this 10-week series business trip travel tips compiled by

The first tip is “Be Nice.” I know this seems like a no-brainer to most but usually if you treat the staff at various tourism entities (i.e. hotels, corporate housing, restaurants/bars, etc.) with gratitude and respect, they will be more willing to reward you with extra perks. Tony Barker of claims he has “…been treated to late checkouts, after-hours private pool time, help with publicity on return trips, and forgotten stuff mailed to my home. I’ve also heard some stories of how some of those jerks get treated; NOT a category you ever want to be in!” So pay it forward with kindness and see the vast number of rewards that will befall you.

Smartphone App of the Week

A recent issue of Healthcare Traveler features an article titled, “Twenty mobile apps to check out,” and we did. I have compiled a list of my favorites to share with our readers over the next 10 weeks.

This week’s application is called “FlightBoard” and allows all smartphone or tablet users to view arrivals and departures for any airport in the world covering more than 4,000 airports and most airlines. This app is updated every five minutes allowing you to view airline arrivals and departures in real-time. There is also a search feature as well as sharing capabilities by email or on the major social media players: Facebook and Twitter. To find out more about FlightBoard or to download this amazing app, check out

Remember, we will be featuring one travel tip and one app each week. Please  stay tuned and keep reading for our tips next week!

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  1. dartangnonmusical
    Feb 26 2012

    What did I do before these fantastic apps came out helping me know when my flight had been delayed or cancelled; I missed my flight. FlightBoard is awesome especially since it updates regularly. I was on a recent business trip for Dish and I kept hearing noises through my noise reduction headphones. Thinking possibly that the plane could be coming down I quickly took them off and heard this nicely dressed man harassing the flight attendant; it was unreal. He kept it up the entire flight it was obvious he needed a stress reliever or a Xanax. Whenever I’m stressed I use my Dish Remote Access app that I have on my iPad since it gives me access to all my content but especially my movies on my DVR at home. It makes a huge difference when it comes to travel stress but nothing should ever cause someone to be so rude.



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