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March 14, 2012

Take Time to Learn the Language & Track Personal Income and Expenses During Travels’ Abroad

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Our saga continues with our 10 best travel tips and 10 new smartphone/tablet applications all tailor made for the busy traveling professional.

Travel Tip of the Week – #6:

Learn the key phrases in your destination country’s language. Even if you only know four or five phrases such as “hello,” “thank you,” “please,” and “goodbye”, you will receive genuine smiles and kindness from the natives and better service for making the extra effort. It’s an added bonus if you also know how to say you don’t speak the language in their native tongue.

Brushing up on key phrases in the native tongue of where you are traveling to will make you look that much more professional.

Smartphone App of the Week

This week’s app is called ProfiTrakr and is the perfect app for any traveler to manage his or her personal and business income and expenses on the move. There are over 60 professions to choose from and the app allows for simple and quick data entry. It also features an adjustable calendar to record the correct transaction dates. You can edit or delete any entry at any time and your mileage is calculated at the most current IRS business rate. You can enter in receipt amounts or you can capture actual receipt photos that can be stored in the app. If you would like to find out more about this app or to download it to your smartphone/tablet, visit

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