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April 18, 2012

How to Better Manage Your Travel Phone Costs & Traveling With Multiple Colleagues

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Our saga continues with our 10 best travel tips and 10 new smartphone/tablet applications all tailor made for the busy traveling professional.

Travel Tip of the Week #10:

Do not make international calls on your smartphone while traveling abroad without first looking into less expensive options. Before you travel internationally, be mindful of how much international calls will cost you or your employer. Instead, bring along a spare unlocked GSM phone with you when you travel. Then, simply purchase a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination. Now, you can use this phone to make local calls and you can receive calls and texts free (outside of the United States). Forwarding your work phone number to this new number will also allow you to cost-effectively conduct business calls while traveling abroad. Ask your business associates and clients to send you text messages instead as much as possible because less minutes are used and it will save you money in the long run.

Skype is also another great way to save money on international calls, although you will need to have internet access and a computer (or tablet), which may not always be readily available. Skype has varying packages depending on what you will need to do. The free account lets you call (from a computer) anyone with another Skype account, as well as allows you to conduct one-on-one video calls, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

Smartphone App of the Week

This week’s Smart Phone/Tablet App is called TripIt. This app is best used when you find yourself traveling with multiple parties or if you are meeting people after reaching your travel destination. This app allows for collaborating travel plans; arranging transportation and/or dinner, and much more between you and the other parties. You simply forward your itinerary to the app and the app then shares it with whoever you wish. Customization is available with maps, directions, and weather. There is a basic version which is free and a business version costing $29/year for up to ten users. This app is compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry. If you would like to find out more about this app or to download it to your smartphone/tablet, visit

This week will be our last post on these topics (for now), but we hope that you have enjoyed the saga and have learned about some great apps and travel tips in the process.

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