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May 23, 2012

Creative and Useful Travel Tips for the Experienced and Un-Experienced Business Traveler

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Recently, I came across an article in the International Business Times with 27 tips compiled by Jason Womack to help aid in typical travel frustrations and stress for the everyday business traveler. Below are the ones that I found to be the most helpful and relevant for our readers:

  1. Purchase Copies of all Chargers and Toiletries. Time and energy spent looking for these items and then getting them packed could entirely be eliminated by just having duplicates of everything important already in your travel bag. I would also add that unless you are checking a bag make your life easier by making sure all toiletries are travel-sized and already pre-packed in a clear zip-locked bag.
  2. Make a To-Be-Charged List. Create a list of all electronic items that need to be charged and double-check the night before your trip.
  3. Workout Option. Bring a set of workout clothes in case the opportunity arises to use them. Also, always bring a swim suit.
  4. Medically Prepare. Be sure to have a first aid kit in your travel bag at all times with pain relievers, band-aids, cold medicine, etc.
  5. Have Extras Handy. Just in case anything happens while you are on the go, it is recommended that ladies keep an extra pair of pantyhose in your purse and men keep an extra tie in their briefcase.
  6. Leave Early. Give yourself some cushion time and plan to leave earlier than necessary for all flights and meetings.
  7. Keep All Travel Info in Your Phone. Be sure all confirmation numbers for the hotel, rental car and flights are all stored in your phone. Better yet, there is an app that will automatically do this for you.
  8. Strategize Your Plane Seat. Aisle seats allow for easy access to the overhead bins and the lavatory.
  9. Apply for Preferential Treatment. By becoming a preferred customer with airlines, hotels, and rental car companies allows for any issues to be resolved more quickly and efficiently and added perks. Joining an airline club is an added bonus for frequent travelers.
  10. Cash is a Must. Problems with your bank or credit card companies may arise at any time so have ample cash to cover costs.
  11. Book Accommodations in Advance. Call prior to making the reservation to find out what is close by in terms of restaurants and entertainment. Staying in Corporate Housing in another alternative as most are in residential neighborhoods and will make you feel like you are truly in a home away from home.
  12. Plan Out All Meals. The day before, call the concierge and ask them for restaurants nearby. Then plan where and when you will be going for all meals.
  13. Pre-Plan Travel Routes and Meeting Times and Get to Know the Locals. Map out your routes before you leave. Be sure your meetings or flight times don’t fall in between rush-hour periods. Meeting local people in destinations where you frequently travel will aid in finding out the best routes to travel and the best places to go. Who knows? They might even refer you to a client.
  14. Organize Your Carry-on and Manage Receipts. Have an easy to access carry-on that is well stocked with not only work that can be completed while on the flight, but pens, reading materials, etc. Manage all travel expenses in one place so that when the time comes to turn them in, they are already to go.
  15. Airports Work as Meeting Space Too. Renting out a conference room at an airline club (even if you aren’t a member) can be an efficient time saver and maybe more convenient for the client too. Keeping your clients informed of where you are could also produce and impromptu meeting so have plenty of business cards handy.

The best piece of travel advice is always be prepared for anything and hopefully the above tips can help you make all future business trips as efficient and productive as possible.

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