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May 30, 2012

Three Tips For Traveling Business Moms

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

These tips come from an article written by an actual traveling business mom, Amber Mac, in the magazine Fast Company. When she wrote this article, she had just recently given birth to her youngest and faced some physical challenges while being away from him during her travels. She was still a nursing mom away from her baby. After this experience, Amber came to the realization that “moms who travel for business have different challenges than their male counterparts. I can’t accurately comment on which gender has it worse, but my experience has taught me that women definitely don’t have it easy.” Here are the tips that she has for other traveling moms like her.

Helpful tips for all working moms who frequently travel for business.

  1. Organize. Look at the family calendar a week before departure to ensure child-care is covered while both you and your partner are at work. Also, notify some nearby family members of your travel plans in case your partner needs back-up while you are away. Set-up any play dates for your kids before leaving and be sure they have a means to get to and from their daily/weekly after school activities. Prepare their meals and snacks ahead of time. This will allow you to know everyone and everything is all set while you are away.
  2. Tell the Kids. Prepare the kids that you are going away ahead of time. Let them know where you are going, what you will be doing while you are gone, and when you will be back so they are in the loop too. Using Skype can be a good communication tool while you are abroad so that they will actually get to see your face, but might also create added frustration. Amber suggests keeping their mind off of the fact that you are away by maybe buying a cool toy that requires assembly or downloading a movie. Keeping them busy is really the key while you are away.
  3. Enjoy Your Trip. Being a traveling mom is hard since you have that natural motherly guilt programmed in from the time you are born, but while you are away for business, take the time to enjoy the small pleasures that you may not get to do now that you are a mom. Lay out by the pool, watch a movie you have been dying to see, or order something decadent from room service. Make the best out of a crummy situation and in no time, you will be back with your family.

Being a mom is a tough job alone but adding a full time job that you have to travel for can be even harder. Hopefully the above tips will make all you super-moms out there a little less stressed while away from your family.

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