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July 6, 2012

Business Travel Packing Tips from an Experienced Back-Packer

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

While reading an article posted on by Laura Vanderkam about packing for a business trip like packing for a backpacking voyage provided much insight from a new perspective:

  1. If everyone were to pack for a business trip as if they were going to be strapping everything to their back and hiking 40 miles, then most people would not pack as much as they usually do currently.

Laura suggests that everyone use the smallest carry on possible so that it can be easily stowed underneath the seat in front of you. You should not need to rely on the overhead bins. Most airlines are now charging each passenger for checking bags. Most people have now started carrying on in lieu of this new trend. Overhead bins are getting filled much quicker and you might end up having to check your bag anyway (though it will now be free). To avoid all the hassles think the smaller the better.

  1. Most business travel is not to the wild but to a major metropolitan city where access to modern day stores will be available if need be.

Laura suggests that you wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane and bring only one pair of shoes (which you should also wear on the plane). Keep it simple. Don’t bring a lot of un-necessary things. If you forget something, you can pick it up when you arrive to your destination.

The message to take away from what Laura has found is clear: only bring what is absolutely necessary and make your business trip a snap with less worries and hassle.

It’s a definite no brainer.

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