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July 11, 2012

Get Informed About Travel Insurance – Myths Debunked

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Many believe that travel insurance is unnecessary and costs too much to be used regularly. The following tips and facts about travel insurance from might make you reconsider purchasing travel insurance for your business trips and/or vacations this summer.

  1. Myth – travel insurance is only needed while traveling outside of the country. Traveling within your country does provide less of a risk of financial trouble but risk is still present. If you have to cancel your trip or have a medical emergency while traveling, your travel insurance policy can cover you for these costs incurred.
  2. Myth – airlines cover costs for cancelled flights. Whenever a flight is cancelled because of weather or other natural causes, the airlines do not help pay for your hotel stay, food, or re-booked flights the majority of the time and these costs would all be up to you, the traveler. If you purchased travel insurance; however, you would be one happy camper as it will cover these costs for you.
  3. Myth – short trips don’t need travel insurance. It is common thought that risks are decreased depending on the length of time and this frankly isn’t true. Accidents happen all the time and no one sees them coming so be prepared even when only traveling for short periods of time.
  4. Myth – if an emergency comes up bookings will be refunded. Airlines, hotels, and attractions have specific cancellation policies and unfortunately are not that understanding. The majority of pre-paid tickets are non-refundable and many hotels still require payment for at least one night. Travel insurance would get your money back from all of your pre-booked accommodations, flights, attractions, etc.
  5. Myth – insurance is too expensive, especially with multiple people and vacations. Travel Insurance is actually pretty affordable these days. Some companies even offer policies that are good for an entire year and multiple trips and family policies which covers everyone listed on the plan.

To review different insurance companies offering travel insurance, visit which acts as a free online insurance rate comparison service with more than 30 insurance companies. All quotes are based off of the lowest rates available on the network. This site is designed to give consumers a truly unbiased quote.

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