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August 1, 2012

Corporate Housing Provides a Solution for Large Company Relocations

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Many companies planning to relocate a few to a few hundred individuals should contact their local corporate housing provider to begin researching to find the best rates and locations available. It is best to plan ahead in order to save the company money and ensure employee satisfaction. Some important questions to ask your corporate housing provider are:

  1. How many employees will need fully furnished housing?
  2. How many employees will have their families accompanying them to the new city?
  3. Approximately how many units will be needed and what is the breakdown in terms of how many bedrooms/bathrooms are needed for each?
  4. What is the desired arrival date(s) and how long of a lease term is needed?
  5. How important is the location if the unit(s)? Where would the ideal location need to be?
  6. How much can be spent per unit per month?

Depending on how many employees need housing and the specific requirements, it may not be possible to house all employees in the same building or area. In order to accommodate your needs, the corporate housing company may ask you if it is possible to split your employees into multiple buildings and/or locations and/or increase the distance radius from the new corporate location. If your corporate housing provider is unable to find enough housing or meet all needed requirements, hotels may be used as a last (and more expensive) resort.

Planning ahead when it comes to minor or major relocations is imperative to save the company time and money. Utilizing a local corporate housing provider will also allow the local experts to do what they do best: find a temporary housing solution for all relocated employees. The company will be able to rest assured that they are using a licensed professional in the industry that will meet all or most of the company’s requirements. Obviously each relocation scenario is different so contact your corporate housing agent as early as possible to get the best results.

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