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August 15, 2012

Featured Travel Apps for Better Business Travel Domestically and Internationally

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Frequent travelers know how many hassles can come from journeying across the United States or internationally for business. These 4 user friendly apps were designed to make your business travels whether abroad or domestically a breeze and will get you in with the locals too.

  1. Packing Pro was designed to make the first step of any trip – packing – organized and seem-less. This app stores tons of items that could possibly be needed for your trip which can be customized based on the local weather at your final destination; the number of persons traveling with you; and whether your trip is domestic or international. There are also sample lists already created that you can choose from. This application uses iCloud support as well making it available in multiple platforms.

    PackingPro-7.0 – for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

  2. AllSubway is a beautiful application that doesn’t even require an internet connection! This application give you access to over 151 public transit systems in 5 continents. All cities offered are listed alphabetically and you can zoom in and zoom out for better viewing of the maps. If you do have access to the internet this will also give you access to official city websites for fares and additional information. This app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99.

    AllSubway iPhone Screenshot

  3. LocalEats will give you access to independently owned and operated restaurants across the United States and in some international cities as well. You will be able to choose from a variety of critically acclaimed restaurants in the city you are visiting. You are able to filter how to select the restaurants and you can also search the app for restaurants near your particular location or landmarks. Whenever you choose a restaurant, you will then be able to make reservations, book a taxi there or find any applicable coupons. This application is only available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99.

    LocalEats iPhone screenshot

  4. TripLingo will make communicating whilst traveling abroad a breeze! When you purchase the app, it will ask you some basic questions to get to know you better and find out what you might need to know how to say in the local language. The app then customizes some phrases for you before your trip and creates flash cards for key words/phrases applicable to you and your trip. There is even a neat feature that will allow you to see how to speak in the formal and informal tenses so you can better fit in with the locals. There is also a 2,000 word dictionary in the language you choose – it’s available in over 14 languages and each one is $9.99. This application is available for the iPhone, Android, and Nook.

    triplingo app

All four of these applications will make traveling anywhere an immediate piece of cake – well at least for speaking, eating, packing, and using public transit systems. We hope that you will be able to impress your colleagues and clients utilizing these great applications!

Bon Voyage! 🙂

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