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August 22, 2012

Save Time and Money with These 5 Free Travel Apps

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

This week we are going to be featuring five free apps that will aid you in your business travels, leisure travels, and in your home town as well.

1)      Kayak App This app is an easy and convenient way to search all hotels in your price range at once. You can also use this app for last minute hotel bookings as it uses the GPS on your smart phone device to locate the closest hotels. Booking is a snap too and can be done directly from the app. This app also allows for you to check your flight status and look up airline baggage fees.

2)      Gas Buddy App This app is your perfect travel companion on the road whether you are going on vacation, driving in your local city, or going on a business trip, this app will tell you where you can save money at the pump. It will also give you specific directions to the cheapest gas stations so you don’t waste money driving around aimlessly.

3)      Trip Advisor App This travel app will keep you on your toes before you decide to splurge on a specific tour, hotel, or restaurant. It allows you to read reviews posted by other travelers just like you to aid in your decision process.

4)      Meal Ticket App The perfect app to help you find the best and least expensive local restaurants – find hundreds of coupons for instant, eco-friendly savings as you don’t need to print them out – just show your server.

5)      Yelp App This app is your go to app to find anything and everything local from restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. You can read reviews and it even lets you know how much you will be spending before you head out.

We know that there are a ton of free smart phone/tablet applications out there but we hope that these 5 will be a great addition to the ones you might already utilize.

Happy Travels! 🙂

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