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November 7, 2012

Myth #3: Corporate Housing Is Only for the Business Traveler

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Corporate housing often is misunderstood as only a business-to-business product when it actually is a defined element of the overall lodging industry that is used by individuals every day.  In simplistic terms, corporate housing provides short-term furnished housing, offering dozens of reasons everyday people need and use it. In fact, corporate housing is not just about traveling business executives and relocated professionals, but also about the 200,000 annual traveling nurses; 600,000 annual military personnel and their dependents; displaced homeowners because of insurance issues or divorce; professional athletes who get traded from city to city; theater professionals filming a movie or traveling with a show; consultants on a project; employees at training programs, on extended vacations, on extended family visits, or having out of state medical procedures; elected government officials serving outside of their district; personnel involved in special events or large sporting events; traveling professors or graduate students; and many others.

In other words, corporate housing is not just for a relocated or traveling businessperson, but for anyone who wants the space, convenience, and comforts that a home away from home can offer.

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