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November 28, 2012


Business Travel Can Be Bad For Your Health

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

A Columbia University study last year determined that the majority of frequent business travelers had higher levels of cholesterol, obesity, and blood pressure.  In an October 14, 2012 Los Angeles Times article by Hugo Martin, the most frequent causes of business travelers were revealed. These results were found by a study conducted by a travel management consultant called CWT Solutions Group:

  1. Business Travel Stresses: Lost Luggage

    Lost or Delayed Luggage – this was reported to be a 79 on a scale from 1-100 – 100 being the highest level of stress.

  2. Business Travel Stresses: Poor or No Airport Internet Connection

    Poor or No Internet Connection – this was ranked 77.

  3. Business Travel Stresses: Sitting in Economy Class

    Having an Economy Seat on a Longer Flight – this was ranked 73.

  4. Business Travel Stresses: Delayed Flights

    Flight Delays – ranked at 72.

  5. Business Travel Stresses: Inconvenient Departure/Arrival Times

    Inconvenient Departure/Arrival Times – stress level 69.

This study found that women tend to have higher stress levels than men and that overall stress levels increase the older we get. Women typically get the most stressed out about not being able to eat healthily and about lost luggage. Men tend to get the most stressed out about flying in coach during longer flights.

Overall, this study was done in order to help businesses increase their employee productivity. A less stressed employee is going to be a more productive employee. So employers, it may be best to confer with your employee before you purchase their flights about their travel times to and from the destination and maybe just upgrade them to business class from now on. 🙂

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  1. Mar 22 2013

    Interesting… but it also makes me wonder? Do business travellers have problems with managing their emotions?

    Something to ponder about.


    • Hmmm that is a very interesting point you bring up Henry. I think that this too could also be a factor in the overall stress levels of men and women business travelers. Thank you for your thoughts. Very insightful 🙂



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