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January 17, 2013

Women Business Travelers: Follow These 5 TSA Travel Tips to Make it Through Security

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

It seems these days there has been a lot of press about the TSA regarding their random screening process. It is the opinion of many that TSA agents will pull aside attractive female passengers for additional screening. Below are 5 steps you can take to try to avoid this. Being informed of your rights is the best way to be prepared for any situation.

TSA Screening Women

  1. Dress Comfortable. Often times wearing loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes will draw less attention from TSA officers than if you are all dressed up.
  2. Try to Avoid Private Screenings. If you must be patted down, make sure it’s in the public’s eye so there are witnesses in case anything happens. One of the TSA rules is that during a private screening, there must be two TSA agents and the passenger can bring along someone with them. So if you are traveling alone, it would be best to keep it out in the open.
  3. Be Aware of Your Rights. If you are selected to be patted down, be sure that they abide by the rule that each passenger be screened by a TSA agent of the same sex.
  4. Speak Up Right Away. If you are uncomfortable while being patted down, step away and ask for a supervisor and have another officer finish the pat down.
  5. If There is a Problem, be sure to report it. You can file a complaint directly to the TSA.

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