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January 30, 2013


Looking for Some Traveling Inspiration? Check out these blogs.

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

The online Magazine, SheKnows, compiled a list of their favorite travel blogs. We are Going to be featuring and breaking down their top 10 travel blogs:

  1.  AlmostFearless This blog is written and compiled by Christine Gilbert. She talks about her travels with her husband Drew, 2 1/2 year old son Cole, and baby #2 is coming soon. They travel to some pretty amazing countries, take some pretty amazing photos, and eat some delicious food. They are making a documentary, Christine is writing a book, and her husband is creating art along their incredible journey.

  2.  SoManyPlaces This blog is an amazing story about a husband and wife duo who both quit their jobs and sold everything in May 2012 to travel around the world. Wow! They are truly inspiring!

  3.  DangerousBusiness Follow Amanda as she travels all over while also giving travel advice, tips, guides, reviews, personal travel stories, photos, etc.

  4.  JohnnyVagabond Wes is the man behind this well written blog featuring gear tips, travel tips, awesome photos, crazy stories, how to travel on a budget, etc. and it keeps you laughing.

  5.  JackandJillTravel This blog follows around a young married couple while they travel through the US and around the world. They saved up money and traveled for a year back in 2011. Instead of spending their money on a big expensive wedding, they eloped and used that money to travel instead. My kind of people!

  6.  NomadicMatt Another blog written by a travel enthusiast who also quit his job in 2004 and has been traveling ever since! This blog was created so that he could help everyone travel cheaper, better, and for longer periods of time. He provides his readers with current travel information, tips, and photos from his trips too. He has also published a book about traveling on a budget.

  7.  BaconIsMagic Follow Ayngelina on her journey alone through Latin America. She left her life, boyfriend, and job behind in Toronto to find out about herself. “I am creating a new life choosing what I want instead of what other people think I should do.” Amazing! If only everyone thought this way!

  8.  WanderingEarl This blog follows Earl (Derek) on his life journey as a permanent nomad! He thought he would just be going on a 3-month post graduation tour of Southeast Asia back in 1999 that just hasn’t ended yet! What a life! Read his posts about perspectives, transportation, travel costs, gear, tips, working and traveling, food, how tos and so much more.

  9.  NomadicChick For all you single, mid-life ladies out there, this blog is the perfect combination of inspiration, woman power, travel resources, teaching in China, traveling by train, etc. Jeannie Mark was fed up with her normal, boring, unfulfilled life and decided to travel and write about her journeys and that is just what she is doing. You go girl!
  10.  TheEverywhereist Follow Geraldine and her hubby Rand as they get to travel all over the US/World for Rand’s job. Geraldine got laid off and so now she travels along with him. Her writing is filled with sarcasm and wit but is enjoyable to read. She says in the about section that the reason she is blogging is mostly for her husband’s benefit so he can remember all of the amazing places they were able to go together. This blog is a series of love letters to him. I love it already!

These ten blogs are full of inspiring tales, travel deals, tips, resources, games, life, photos, and love for anyone to enjoy but we feel that they are most useful for those of us who are avid travelers or who wish to be. We hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do.

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