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July 15, 2013

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet and Travel Companion

by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

If you are frequently relocated for your job, having a pet that is able to travel with you will make the transition your new surroundings that much easier. There are several factors to consider; however, before you pick out your new four-legged friend. You want to be sure that your new pet can spend hours alone, travels well, and adapts to changing work schedules and new surroundings easily.

  • Small dogs

    If you decide to get a dog as your new travel companion, a smaller breed generally travels better and adapts to smaller living spaces. Some housing options have pet weight restrictions too.

     Smaller breeds will be better to travel with. Most cat breeds are small enough to take with you on a plane ride but choose carefully when it comes to which breed of dog you choose. Asking a veterinarian will be your best bet to determine the size of your full grown pup if it is a mixed breed and you adopt it from a shelter. Generally, big paws = big dog.

  • North American Temperament Test Association

    Be sure you test your potential new pets temperament to see if they would be a good fit for you.

     Choose a pet with the appropriate temperament level. Breeders are a good source to find out a particular breed’s temperament. You can check out to find training consultants near you and read their blog all about dogs. You can also visit for information all about temperament testing and breed statistics.

  • Dog Training

    Be sure to train your new pet right away and be consistent.

     Start the training process right away. Consistency is key when you train your new pet. Be sure you stop any bad behaviors as soon as you see them and put your new pet on a set schedule. Don’t allow your new pet to do anything that you don’t want it to continue doing once it is settled in.

  • Pet Carriers

    Get your new pet used to all that travel brings – car rides, carriers, etc. before you take your next journey together!

     After they are fully vaccinated, expose them to the traveling lifestyle. Be sure you get your new pet accustomed to car rides and their pet carriers that they will be in during travel so that they can get used to this before you take your first journey together. Get them some toys to play while you are gone during the day.

Pets bring joy into our lives and can make our transition easier whenever we are relocated to a new city. Be sure you choose a good travel companion that can easily adapt to their new surroundings as well and changes in your schedule. Most places do allow pets but many times they have weight restrictions so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting your new pet. Follow all the above tips and pretty soon your pet will be the perfect travel companion!

So Where are We Headed dogs

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