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Welcome AvenueWest Atlanta!

Our newest location officially opened November 21, 2013: AvenueWest Atlanta located at 5905 Atlanta Highway, Suite 101. AvenueWest Atlanta connects private landlords with business travelers, or relocated families in need of full service corporate housing.

AvenueWest Global Franchise welcomes their newest franchise: AvenueWest Atlanta! We are so excited to help grow this newest market, and for our recent expansion into Phoenix and Fort Collins as well!

AvenueWest Global Franchise welcomes their newest franchise: AvenueWest Atlanta! We are so excited to help grow this newest market, and for our recent expansion into Phoenix and Fort Collins as well!

AvenueWest Global Franchise has been tapping into the emerging trend of business executives who are finding both financial freedom and life balance through franchise ownership. Jennifer Haigler, the owner of the AvenueWest Atlanta office, along with her husband Rory, came to the realization she needed the flexibility, provided by AvenueWest, when one day she realized she didn’t even know what her young son was wearing to school that day. Jennifer, a veteran of the corporate relocation industry and a licensed Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) says: “It was a profound moment in time for me as I decided I needed to do something to bring some work/life balance back to my existence.”

AvenueWest’s approach to Managed Corporate Housing is an exciting opportunity that taps into both Jennifer’s previous relocation and corporate housing experience and Rory’s real estate experience as they look to build a long term sustainable business. The Haigler’s say Atlanta is the perfect place to set up a corporate housing shop.

Jennifer continues: “Many relocated families and professionals as well as business executives would prefer to stay in our AvenueWest properties since they provide all the amenities of home. Our properties are in real residential settings instead of the more transient environments found when staying in hotels. The cost to stay in an AvenueWest property is also typically less expensive per night than staying in a hotel.”

Rory adds: Atlanta’s real estate market is currently booming, but there is a shortage of homes available for sale in the metro area.

“There seems to be demand from every corner. As the economy continues to strengthen, more and more people are relocating to Georgia and Atlanta in particular. As of August, Atlanta’s employment grew by 57,100 (a 2.4% increase)! Atlanta’s diverse economy generates a constant flow of people moving into the area to find a new home, and short term housing presents the best solution during that time of transition for relocating families, individuals, and executives alike, especially since the homes on the market are being snagged so quickly,” stated Rory.

“Individual homeowners and investors alike who want to offer their furnished homes or condos as corporate rental properties will have the opportunity to make additional revenue in today’s economy. By partnering with us and using our proven Managed Corporate Housing system, we can both benefit from the growing need for temporary housing solutions in the area. It’s exciting to be able to help owners develop their investment properties and turn them into major profit centers,” added Jennifer.

"Individual homeowners and investors alike who want to offer their furnished homes or condos as corporate rentals properties will have the opportunity to make additional revenue in today's economy..." like at the Sterling of Dunwoody community.

“Individual homeowners and investors alike who want to offer their furnished homes or condos as corporate rentals properties will have the opportunity to make additional revenue in today’s economy…” like at the Sterling of Dunwoody community in Dunwoody, GA.

Kimberly Smith, the CEO of AvenueWest Global Franchise, says that opening an office in Atlanta is the latest step in an aggressive expansion plan that the company initiated in July of this year.

“AvenueWest’s privately owned properties offer more choices to today’s executives or relocated individuals who want a fully furnished property with all the comforts of home, high-end furnishings, and many times, amazing amenities over standard corporate housing rentals or extended stays,” says Smith. “With the Haigler’s knowledge of the area and the local real estate, relocation, and corporate housing industries, AvenueWest Atlanta is uniquely positioned to offer the kind of rental properties required by discerning executives and individuals and families who are being relocated to the area. It also offers the opportunity for private landlords to earn greatly increased rental income on their properties.”

If you or someone you know is being relocated to the Atlanta area, you can contact AvenueWest Atlanta directly by calling 678-901-9171 or by emailing Jennifer at If you are a property owner or investor who wishes to put their fully furnished home, condo, town home, or loft into AvenueWest Atlanta’s inventory, contact Rory at

About AvenueWest Global Franchise

Established in 2010, AvenueWest Global Franchise grew from the desire to expand the business opportunity and corporate housing excellence achieved through the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing program that was founded in 1999.

Currently, AvenueWest Global Franchise has offices in Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Colorado Springs, CO, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Fort Collins, CO, Phoenix, AZ, and San Francisco, CA.


Top 5 Overlooked Items Before Signing a Rental Agreement

Renting is much more prevalent these days than purchasing a home. Many times, people who are relocated prefer to stay in a rental before deciding to purchase a more permanent living solution. Renting is also great for individuals who want to explore a new city but don’t want to stay there permanently.

5 Factors to Consider before signing a rental agreement

5 Factors to Consider before signing a rental agreement

Many apartment communities do typically require a year lease to be signed and there are 5 factors that need to be taken into consideration before you sign on the dotted line:

  1. Laundry. Typically, apartment complexes do not include a washer and dryer in the units themselves but have a common laundry area. Sometimes, washer and dryer hook-ups are available in the units and it might be wise to consider purchasing a washer and dryer or you can rent these. Azuma Leasing rents washers and dryers for a small monthly fee. They are located in most of the states, excluding New England and many of the northern states. If you are okay with sharing a common laundry area, be sure to take note of where the facilities are located in relation to your unit; if weather will be a factor or if you have to climb stairs with your heavy laundry.
  2. Refrigerators. Sometimes, this is an appliance that is not included in your rental. Azuma Leasing also rents refrigerators or you can consider purchasing one.
  3. Proximity. Be sure you find out how close you are going to be to your neighbors and what types of sound proofing (if any) the complex has utilized for noise cancellation. Opting for a top floor unit will eliminate noise from overhead but not necessarily next door.
  4. Storage. Most apartments do not typically offer ample closet space. Sometimes, a unit will come with a storage unit on the balcony. If the unit you want doesn’t have enough room to store your belongings, there are alternatives. Certain furniture items come with built-in storage. There are other organizational tricks online that will help you maximize your space without cramped living.
  5. Decor. You found the perfect rental within your price range and area but don’t like the outdated feel of the interior of the apartment. Ask your landlord if you could do some small repairs, painting, and updating for a discount in your rent. Be sure that it is agreed upon in writing and be sure you know of any limitations so you don’t get charged for these updates later on.

Most of these items are not necessarily deal breakers but they are important factors to consider before you get into a year-long lease.


AvenueWest Boston / Northeast Suites helps you find the right place to stay

What is Corporate Housing and what questions should I ask when choosing a property and a provider? CHPA, The Corporate Housing Providers Association has a best practices guidelines and Certifies individuals as CCHP, Certified Corporate Housing Professionals. Northeast Suites takes their commitment to excellence to another level to ensure your stay is as peaceful and seamless as possible.


Departure Process: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

Before you depart the unit, you should fill out the departure side of the “unit condition form” or if one wasn’t provided, add to the list you created at the beginning of your stay. To be the most thorough, you should schedule a walk-through with your landlord and/or leasing agent to review the “unit condition report” with you and have them and you sign off on the written form/list and date it. This way, when it comes to getting your security deposit back, you will already be prepared about what to expect.

Avoid a battle over your security deposit by scheduling a walk-through with your landlord prior to departing. This will give both of you more peace of mind.

  • Research the amount of days your landlord/community has to refund your full or remaining security deposit. This varies by state. In CA for example, the landlord only has a 21 day window to get these refunded. Most other states are 30 days unless otherwise specified.
  • If any damages were deducted from the security deposit, the landlord/community/leasing agent must send over a detailed statement showing what was deducted from the security deposit. If you have all of your ducks in a row including before and after photos with a time date stamp and your copy of the unit’s condition upon arrival and departure, you should be able to fight any damages that have been taken out if you didn’t do them.
  • The landlord/agents are entitled to do their own inspection report once you have moved out of the unit. During this inspection, damages that might not have been identified on the unit condition form may be found once the unit is free of the tenant’s possessions. If applicable, these items will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • If a cleaning fee wasn’t charged up front, then cleaning charges may be deducted from the security deposit. If there are any damages to the carpets, the tenant can be charged for the useful life of the carpet or the remaining life. For example, the carpet is 8 years old but it was expected to last for 10 years. The initial cost of the carpet was $1,000. The tenant cannot be charged the full amount but they can be charged for $200 which would add up to be the remaining 2 years left on the carpet.

Taking photos and recording details of any damages in the unit no matter how small prior to moving in and out can be huge when it comes down to getting your full security deposit back once you move out.

Record any and all damages right when you move in and prior to your departure so you can get all or most of your security deposit back.

Be sure you submit any correspondence between you and the landlord/leasing agent in writing. As always, before signing any contract, be sure to do all your research ahead of time so you know what you are getting yourself into.

We hope this series of posts was helpful for all current and future renters. 🙂


Maintenance Issues: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

Last week, we covered rental agreements and security deposits. This week, we will be discussing a unit maintenance that may arise while you are leasing a property. As a renter, you must take responsibility for any unit damages that were the fault of yourself, anyone staying in the property, your guests, family members, and/or pets. If you company is the lease holder, you will still be fiscally responsible for any damages you may cause during your stay.

A toilet repair is a perfect example of either the tenant or the landlord being responsible – if the damages were found to be caused by the tenant, then additional charges may be assessed. Otherwise, it would be the landlord’s responsibility.

  • The lease agreement that you or your company signs will outline in detail what the landlord’s responsibility would be in terms of any maintenance issues. If any damage can be deemed a defect in the unit not caused by tenant negligence or fault, then the landlord would be required to fix these issues. Some of the items that might be the landlord’s responsibility might include: Faulty wiring; Structural damage; leaking plumbing; mold; rust, etc.
  • If ever there are any issues that the tenant feels are the landlord’s responsibility, the landlord needs to be notified immediately.
  • The landlord also needs to be notified ASAP if there are any major maintenance issues such as a burst pipe; broken furnace/heater; backed up sewage, etc.
  • It is best to submit any requests to the landlord by phone and in writing.

Landlord’s or Tenant’s Responsibility? Be sure you understand what the landlord is responsible for and what you would be responsible for in regards to any unit maintenance.

Again, be sure you know the real-estate laws regarding any maintenance issues in the state you are residing in and be sure that you go over this section in the lease in detail with your landlord.

Stick around for our final post next week regarding a renter’s rights and responsibilities regarding the departure process.

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