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5 Musts for Business Travelers Needing a Corporate Rental

Independently owned corporate housing options are as unique as the people who own and manage  them.  From the basic offerings to higher end finishes to a more diverse location, with managed corporate housing you’ll find a property that is tailored made for your needs.

So, what should you look for when searching for a corporate rental?  That depends on what is important to you in your stay, but here are five elements you should evaluate a property for:

–       Does the property offer the lease terms and availability you require? Check the dates that the corporate rental is available to determine if its availability corresponds with your lease start time, length of stay and lease end date. Also, if you need more flexibility, like an open departure date, is the landlord flexible with the availability schedule to allow you to extend and end your stay as necessary?

–       Does the asking rent fall within your budget? Whether your company is paying for your stay, or rent is coming out of your own pocket, everybody has a budget to stick to. However, posted prices may be flexible depending on the lease terms, length of stay, etc.  So don’t eliminate the property without finding out if the landlord is flexible with the rate.

–       Does the property offer the amenities and conveniences you are looking for? If security is important, you’ll want to be sure the property has controlled access.  And if you’ll have two vehicles with you, does the community accommodate (or even charge for) that extra parking spot.  Make a list of the little things in your life that you must have and cross-reference it with the property’s attributes.

–       Does the property’s location match your needs? Location should be at the top of your check list. Making sure that a property is located in close proximity to your work, grocery stores, restaurants and, overall, with a setting that you feel comfortable in.

–       Does the property size fit your requirements? If you are bringing the family with you or expecting visitors during your stay, you’ll not only want to be sure the property features enough bedrooms or sleeping space for its occupants, but also you’ll want to make sure that guests are okay with your landlord. The same goes for pets. If you’re bringing your cat or dog along for the stay, you’ll need to discuss whether this is permitted with the landlord and if there are extra fees involved as well.


Corporate Housing – Value for the Traveler

American Express Business Travel gave me a call because their client wanted to know the positive ROI / Return on Investment they would get by having their travelers stay in a corporate housing residential rental vs staying in a hotel.

Great question!  Of course there is never a simple answer.  I have previously served on the US Advisory Council for ERC / Employee Relocation Council the association for workforce mobility and a study was presented that stated employees who had bad corporate relocations were 50% more likely to get divorced!

As we know, corporate housing is an essential element of a successful corporate relocation. When a company invests in transferring a valuable and talented employee from one market to another the transferee must get to the new city, get settled and be productive at work, as quickly as possible. This is accomplished through immediately having them comfortable in their new local living arrangements and corporate housing provides this. So the question is how do you calculate ROI on this?

If you would rather look at the pennies – let’s choose Downtown Denver as an option.

According to the 2018 Corporate Housing Annual Report by CHPA

1 Bedroom Corporate Housing property = $123.92 per night

2 Bedroom Corporate Housing property = $146.47 per night

3 Bedroom Corporate Housing property = $177.69 per night

I just ran a Google Search for Downtown Denver, CO Hotels and this is what I got:

$149 per night = Embassy Suites – 3.5 Stars

$223 per night = Crawford Hotel – 4.5 Stars

$400 per night = Four Seasons – 5 Stars

In the corporate housing industry we spend a lot of time talking about the “soft” benefits of staying in a corporate housing property, but the reality is the “hard cash” benefits are even greater.

Next time you need a place to stay connect with AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing 303-825-0000 or search for your next great corporate housing rental to better understand the huge ROI of staying in a corporate housing.


4 Tips for Planning a Successful Business Trip

The below was contributed by Gemma Vine:

Business TravelTravel is an important aspect of many successful businesses – and can be one of the most rewarding parts of your working life! However, there are plenty of things which one should think about before packing bags and departing. We’ve got you covered in regards to accommodation with our comfortable and convenient corporate housing, but temporary housing isn’t the only thing you might want to consider. Here are a few tips which might help you plan your next business trip:

Corporate Housing Business Travel

All of our fully furnished rentals are all real residential properties with fully stocked kitchens, high quality linens, full living rooms, and other amenities. Establish Your Objectives


Establish Objectives.   It’s really important to get clear in your mind the reasons behind your trip and what you want to gain from it. This will help you manage your time more effectively. Doing some research into your objectives will also be of great use when you reach your destination – when you know what you want, you will also have a better idea of who to seek out and meet with when you arrive. You will be able to look at anything you’re researching with a more educated eye. Knowing what you’re doing when you arrive is a great time saver and will also lend you the confidence which comes with prior knowledge.


Cover Your Back.   Travel is exciting and provides boundless opportunities for business growth but it can also bring certain risks with it. If you want to make sure that you and your business are prepared for all eventualities, have a look at your business insurance policies before you go. You might find, for example, that your corporate health insurance doesn’t cover you if you fall sick while traveling. Hopefully, of course, you won’t ever need to use these fail safes, but it’s best to be protected just in case. Also, if you’re coming from overseas, it’s a good idea to learn the location of your embassies in the event that you need to avail their services.

Do Your Research.   Business Travel ConnectionsOnce you’ve established your objectives, you can further streamline your time and make your trip generally more efficient by researching the people and places you want to meet and/or go. In this age of the internet, it doesn’t take long to do a bit of background research, which will ensure that you’re hitting the ground running, so to speak, when you arrive. Of course, business research is an essential component of any good business, so it’s likely that you already have the requisite skills! Seeking out some expertise from people who know the area and/or the people and places you’ll be visiting also makes for a great research opportunity. The more you know before you go, the more time-efficient your trip will be, leaving you with more time to enjoy yourself! The people you’re meeting are likely to be impressed if you’ve taken the time to learn a bit about them and what they do, which may in turn bring about a favorable result for your trip!

Enjoy Yourself!   Business trips don’t need to be all about hard work. In fact, if you’re actively enjoying yourself, you may find that the work is much more productive. Enjoy Your Business TripPeople who are relaxed, happy, and not stressed are generally better workers than people who are harried, pressured, and miserable. People who present a happy persona in meetings are also more likely to leave a good impression and come away from the table with their objectives completed. And, of course, the best way to present a happy persona is to actually be happy!

Business travel is a fantastic opportunity to see the world and have some fun, so be sure to let your hair down a little, take in the sights and experiences of the places you’re visiting, and generally have a great time! It will not only be great for you, it’ll be great for the business as well.


Ten Tips to Reduce Your Company’s Business Travel Costs

As covered in last week’s blog post “The Rising Costs of Business Travel and Managing Your Company’s Expenses,” the cost of business travel is increasing. Despite the rise in gas prices which ultimately affects the costs of flights, rental car rates, and other transportation services, there are still ways that you can save your company some serious dough when it comes time to book your next business trip.

The eBook 10 Ways to Cut Corporate Travel Costs has lots of great solutions to save your company money when it comes to travel.

  1. Create a company wide travel policy. This policy should be in writing and distributed to everyone. It needs to include booking guidelines, expense allowances, and travel budgets.
  2. Travel Coordinator

    Hiring a travel coordinator might sound like yet another expense; however, they are experts and can find you the best rates.

     Hire a Travel Coordinator. Having one person in charge of booking all of your companies travel arrangements will allow them to find the best rates on flights, hotels, and cars since this is their primary responsibility. They will also know more ways to save money. Small business? No problem. Simply assign this task to one of your existing employees.

  3. corporate housing extended stay hotels

    For longer trips, booking a fully furnished corporate housing unit or extended stay hotel with a full kitchen is the perfect alternative and will help save money on food costs.

     For longer stays, try an extended stay hotel or corporate housingProviding your employees accommodations with kitchens will ultimately save money on meals.

  4. 3 star hotels

    Most 3-star hotels offer amenities that appeal to business travelers such as free wi-fi and complimentary breakfast for a fraction of the cost.

     Book mid-priced hotel rooms. Many 3 star hotels have been revamped to accommodate business travelers for a fraction of the cost. Many include free wi-fi, breakfast, and meeting rooms. Be sure your employees know that the company will not cover room service or mini-bar charges.

  5. Negotiation is always an option. Most hotels do offer corporate rates. Be sure to tell them that you are booking travel for your company. If they don’t offer a discount right off the bat, then you can always tell them you have narrowed it down between their hotel and another hotel close by and see if they offer you a discount then.
  6. Staying with Friends or Family Allowance

    If your employee stays with friends or family on a business trip, then give them an allowance to get the host a gift or take them out to dinner on the company – especially since they just saved you a ton of money on accommodations!

     Encourage employees to stay with friends or family. If your employee has friends or family in the area and they choose to stay there (which will ultimately save you tons on accommodations) then give them an allowance for a thank you gift or dinner compliments of the company.

  7. Advanced Booking for Travel

    Save big money by booking well in advance for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

     Book all travel arrangements in advance. The cost of airlines, hotels, and rental cars increase the closer it gets to your trip. In order to save money, be sure to book well in advance if possible.

  8. Save money on rental cars by booking with smaller brands. Many times, there are other rental car companies that can offer lower rates. They might not be at the airport but typically do offer complimentary shuttle service.
  9. Purchase coach class for domestic travel. The plane will get your employees to their destinations regardless of what type of seat they have so only splurge on business class if it’s an international flight.
  10. corporate shuttle

    Hiring a shuttle for larger company trips will save money and many offer wi-fi, entertainment, etc.

     Hire a Shuttle or Bus for larger group travel. Many offer free wi-fi, video, parking, and refreshments and will allow you to take the whole company for much cheaper than flying!

Hopefully these ten tips will help your company save money the next time you have to book travel arrangements for yourself and/or employees.


The Rising Costs of Business Travel and Managing Your Company’s Expenses

The cost of business travel has increased due to the rising prices of hotels, transportation, etc. According to the Business Travel News’ 2013 Corporate Travel Index, the average cost for U.S. corporate travelers is $292 per person per day!

Business Travel News

According to the Business Travel News’ 2013 Corporate Travel Index, the average cost for U.S. corporate travelers is $292 per person per day!

An article in The New York Times “Trapped in the Middle Seat” by Jad Mouawad published last May explores the rising costs of travel for both domestic and international trips; the importance of creating and managing company travel policies; and adapt to new travel mobile technologies to aid in finding the best prices. The article also promotes business travel for greater profitability and productivity: “…every dollar invested in business travel has historically brought in $20 in extra profits to American businesses.” So, how can today’s businesses still receive all the benefits of business travel but with lower costs?

One way is to have your employees stay in 3-star hotels instead of 4. Rock Blanco, the President of Travel G.P.A. reports that “a midsize company with an annual travel budget of $5 million, including $1.1 million on hotels, could save $150,000 a year if just 5% of its hotel bookings were downgraded by one notch.” Another way is to book your travel earlier to get better rates on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

3-Star Hotels

Booking a 3-star hotel instead of a 4-star hotel can add up to big savings over the year.

There are lots of great online resources for booking smarter these days too. Sites like, Travelocity, Kayak, Expedia, etc. allow you to search and compare tons of different hotel rates, flights, rental cars and more. There are tons of great applications available now too that will allow your employees to track all of their trip information (TripIt), stay up to date on flight information (GateGuru), find local restaurants (UrbanSpoon and GrubHub), and so much more!

So, despite the rising prices of travel, there are many ways to be smarter and manage your company’s travel spending. Be sure there is an active company travel policy

Company Travel Policy

Having and maintaining your company’s travel policy will keep everyone on the same page.

covering employees expense reports, what the company covers, travel budgets, etc. so that everyone is in the loop. If your employees are responsible for booking their own travel, be sure to approve all costs before they confirm. Business travel is a great way to expand your company’s reach, network with others, and expand perspectives so don’t let the increasing prices diminish your company’s travel plans.

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