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AvenueWest Boston / Northeast Suites helps you find the right place to stay

What is Corporate Housing and what questions should I ask when choosing a property and a provider? CHPA, The Corporate Housing Providers Association has a best practices guidelines and Certifies individuals as CCHP, Certified Corporate Housing Professionals. Northeast Suites takes their commitment to excellence to another level to ensure your stay is as peaceful and seamless as possible.


Staying Healthy While Traveling For Business

I came across an article written by Amanda Cook featured in The Next Women Business Magazine. The article is about being more health conscious while you are on business trips and she has some fabulous tips on how to do so.

Her tips were formulated based off of a recent 2011 study conducted by Columbia University’s Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, which details evidence proving “…that increased travel results in an increase in body mass index, higher blood pressure and lower self-rated health.” The negative behaviors being referenced for repeated business travels is consuming more alcohol and food, more stress, and less physical activity. To avoid falling into these reoccurring business travel behaviors, the following tips will allow for healthy business travels ahead:

  • Stay hydrated. There are many important reasons to increase your daily water intake while traveling: Dry airplane and hotel air, irregular schedules, and drinking too much coffee and/or alcohol. Drinking plenty of water with improve your energy and stress levels; moderate your appetite; keep your nose and throat moistened at all times (which also helps your resistance to catching colds); and keeps your skin looking fresh. Drink bottled water if you are worried about the water quality.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal – don’t skimp or skip it. Be sure to eat protein and try to avoid sugar as this will make you feel energized for a bit but the effects will wear off leaving you feeling tired and hungry again. Protein fills you up and keeps you feeling full longer. Eating foods high in fiber, such as oatmeal, will also help curb your appetite longer and keep you regular during your travels.
  • Bring something from home to make your travels more comfortable. Taking something from home will make you feel that much more at home while you are away. It could be as simple as your favorite pair of jeans or a pillow. Remember, make it personal and unique to your comfort and style preferences.
  • Fresh air goes a long way. Be sure that you are getting outside to gulp in some fresh air each day while you are away for business. Being inside all day makes you tired and sluggish and gaining access to the crisp, clean air outside has some amazing health benefits. While you are enjoying your clean, non-recycled air you could also take in some exercise by walking or jogging, which will also help loosen you up and will relieve the stress of the day. If your travels bring you across time zones, getting out in the morning sun can also help alleviate jet-lag because it helps re-program your internal clock.
  • Always travel with lavender. Amanda swears by bringing a small, travel-sized vial of lavender essential oil with her every time she travels. She says it helps her to relax, sleep, and reduces her anxiety. She also swears that a drop of this oil applied to pimples will clear them up over-night – hmmm I will have to try that! She says that it is a great pore-opener as well if two drops are applied to a warm-water soaked wash cloth and laid upon your face. Lavender oil is also great in the tub or shower to carry your relaxation to the next level.

Business travels can do a lot of damage on a body, so be sure to take care of yourself while on the road. Your body will thank you later for it.


Make Finding the Right Rental Quick and Easy by Learning the Differences Between Signature, Custom and Basic Furnished Rentals

There are a plethora of Corporate Housing companies in the United States to choose from, but knowing what to expect with the different types of levels of corporate rentals will make your decision-making that much easier. Here’s a run-down of the differences between Signature, Custom and Basic furnished rentals:

  • Signature Properties: A Signature Property is a fully furnished corporate housing rental generally offered by qualified Property Management companies. These properties typically will include absolutely everything needed to provide you, the guest, with the best and most convenient stay possible. All you will need is your suitcase and/or personal belongings and voila! you are all set to move in. Included in these units are: all housewares, all linens and towels, all furniture, all appliances, electronics (TVs, DVD players, stereo, alarm clock, etc. – computers are typically NOT included, so guests will need to bring their own; however, wireless high-speed internet, expanded basic cable, and unlimited domestic long distance are included in this all-inclusive corporate housing rental property. Remember, these units tend to be higher in price because the price encompasses everything – therefore they are reserved for business travelers requiring a higher end traveling experience.
  • Custom Properties: These properties are “custom-built” to what the guest requires. Some corporate clients will not want a land line in the unit because they will have their cell phones in hand. Others will not need housewares but will want the unit to have all the furniture, electronics, linens, and towels. Some may want just the furniture. Letting the corporate housing company know of your individualized needs will allow them to customize your unit and price tag accordingly.
  • Basic Properties: Basic units are offered for bootstrapping business travelers on a budget. These units generally do not provide all of the amenities as a Signature or Custom property and often don’t even have Internet, cable, or phone service. These units can still be furnished and sometimes still include housewares, linens, and towels, though the quality of the furnishings and the units will not be as nice as Signature properties.

Prices will vary depending on the type, size and location of the furnished rental and individual requests. A Basic property price ranges from $1100-$1400; Custom rentals vary depending on what the individual wishes to have in his/her rental unit; and Signature units typically average between $1600-$5500 per month. Most companies do not list their pricing online, so follow-up with a company’s leasing agents to determine specific pricing and availability.


Corporate Housing Can Alleviate Stress During Holiday Travel, But Are You Prepared to Celebrate the Holidays in a Home Away From Home?

Traveling over the holidays can be a complete nightmare with the weather being unpredictable, the airports and roads being jam packed with people and cars, and lodging solutions totally booked. The good news is that individuals and families can avoid the lodging crunch by utilizing corporate housing.

In fact, utilizing a corporate housing company to help you find a corporate rental:

  • May help alleviate some of the stressful perils holiday travel brings. For example, because many business travelers don’t travel during the holidays, there is often a large supply of available corporate rentals to choose from whereas hotels may be completely booked up.
  • May help you enjoy the holidays more. During the holidays, staying in a hotel can be a festive-kill; after all, a stark hotel room is not where you want to be sipping eggnog while caroling around the furnace, only to be interrupted by a constantly dinging elevator located just outside your door. Rather, corporate rentals will provide you with a home away from home and will be much more comfortable for your family to spread out and enjoy some holiday cheer.

When looking for a holiday-friendly corporate rental, talk to your leasing agent about these things:

  1. Will the property have space for a Christmas tree and what is their policy (if any) for decorating the outside of the property? Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holidays in style. If you are renting in an area where you can chop your own tree and wish to partake in this activity, find out if you can borrow an axe to use so you won’t have to buy one there.
  2. Will the property allow or have holiday decorations? Some rentals are fully decorated during the holiday or upon the request of a renter. Make sure you discuss any holiday decor issues you may have or require with your leasing agent.
  3. Does the neighborhood or city have any local holiday traditions and when will they be? Your corporate housing providers know the area well and can recommend fun things to do like outdoor ice skating rinks or holiday parties.
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