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The Latest Accommodation Trend Among Students

This month’s blog was contributed by another fine member of the Corporate Housing Provider’s Association (CHPA) and one of our Australian counter-parts, Corporate Keys, written by Chelsey Moter, Outreach Coordinator.*

The days when college students would automatically live on campus are now over. More and more colleges these days do not offer student housing, and many students are opting to source their own accommodations and live off-campus alone or with other fellow millennial students.

 Student 1

On-campus accommodation vs off-campus accommodation

The biggest decision students usually make when leaving home for their studies is whether to live on-campus, if their colleges provide this option, or off-campus.

On-campus housing does come with some benefits. Students obviously have easier access to the venues of their classes and school activities, and can walk to class from their rooms.

Leases tend to be more flexible and can be cancelled if the student leaves the school. Financial aid may be available to those students who have difficulty paying rent. Campus security and professional housing staff can help students resolve problems and offer an added layer of security.

But surely the biggest advantage, to many students, is being able to live with others like them and participate more intimately in community life on campus.

On the other hand, living off-campus is more attractive from the standpoint of comfort and privacy.

Students can opt to live alone or with friends of their choosing, and they also benefit from having their own private amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

They are not constrained by the rules to which students living on-campus must submit, and have a wider range of lifestyle choices available to them.

Serviced apartments vs hotels, hostels and Airbnb

Serviced apartments are a unique breed of accommodations which can offer a great alternative to students who wish to live off-campus.

Serviced apartments are fully-furnished and come with certain services and amenities that are usually associated with hotels, including room service, laundry services and fitness centers. This makes them much more convenient than Airbnb apartments, in which guests are usually expected to clean up after themselves.

In addition to these conveniences, they also come with all the advantages of non-serviced apartments, such as full private kitchens and washing machines. These are usually not available in hotels or hostels.

Serviced apartments thus offer the perfect blend of the conveniences and facilities offered by both hotels and private apartments. 

Why are serviced apartments perfect for students?

Student 2

Given the benefits of serviced apartments, they can be an excellent form of accommodation for students.

One of the biggest advantages is the convenience of amenities like room service, which frees up students’ time and energy so that they can concentrate on their studies. Free Internet is another benefit that can save students from having to apply, pay for and set up their own connections.

As spaces and equipment are not shared in a serviced apartment, students can enjoy the privacy of having their own homes. Serviced apartments offer a much quieter and more conducive environment for study than student housing, and students even have the option of converting part of their living area into a private study room if they wish.

Serviced apartments do not require residents to commit to long-term leases, and are thus perfect for students who intend to move out when they are done with their studies.

Serviced apartments can enhance a student’s life considerably. As most serviced apartments are centrally located, they enable students to benefit from proximity to the city center, where they can easily access restaurants, cinemas, and other nightlife. The amenities at serviced apartments are designed to make life convenient and fuss-free, enabling students to clear up time that would otherwise be spent doing housework.


*Edited by Janine Low, Marketing, Training and Operations Executive, AvenueWest Global Franchise


Corporate Housing – Your Home Away From Home in Insurance Claims

Weather related disasters can strike at any time, causing window damage, flooding, or even torn siding. In order to ensure a prompt and efficient insurance claim process, you need to be prepared.

We’d like to share with you some tips we found in a recent USA Weekend article about insurance claims. The article’s author, Jeff Wuorio, recommends the following tips for the fastest response and repair time for any weather related damages that may happen to your home:

  1. Inventory Your Home.Keep a specific inventory of all items in your home BEFORE any damages occur – this will greatly expedite the walk through with your insurance provider. You may want to take pictures and make a list – and store that list in a safe place outside of your home.
  2. Be Prompt. Whenever any damages occur to your property, be sure to call your insurance adjuster right away.
  3. Prevent Future Damage. It’s important to cover up any exposed or broken windows or doorways that could potentially be damaged more or cause additional damage to your home without protection. For example, a broken window should be covered with plastic as to prevent potential water damage to your hardwood floors or carpet.

Overall, it’s important that you take immediate actions whenever there are any insurance related issues in your home.

Additionally, when making your insurance claim, don’t forget to consider lodging fees you might experience if the damage to your home is too great for you to live in until it is repaired. Most insurance plans require the insurance provider to pay for your stay and incidentals , such as eating out and transportation, while they are working on repairing your property. Instead of staying in a hotel, which can get old really quick, tell your insurance provider you want to stay in a corporate rental. Corporate housing can be a life-saving lodging alternative, especially for longer stays (one month or more) and for families with children and/or pets. Staying in a corporate rental property will make the time spent waiting to move back into your home a more pleasant experience overall.

In fact, corporate housing can be your “Home Away From Home” while your home is being repaired. Corporate housing rentals are available in cities such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Dallas, San Francisco and much more!

You could be staying in a corporate rental home like this instead of a cramped hotel room while waiting for your home to be repaired.

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