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5 Musts for Business Travelers Needing a Corporate Rental

Independently owned corporate housing options are as unique as the people who own and manage  them.  From the basic offerings to higher end finishes to a more diverse location, with managed corporate housing you’ll find a property that is tailored made for your needs.

So, what should you look for when searching for a corporate rental?  That depends on what is important to you in your stay, but here are five elements you should evaluate a property for:

–       Does the property offer the lease terms and availability you require? Check the dates that the corporate rental is available to determine if its availability corresponds with your lease start time, length of stay and lease end date. Also, if you need more flexibility, like an open departure date, is the landlord flexible with the availability schedule to allow you to extend and end your stay as necessary?

–       Does the asking rent fall within your budget? Whether your company is paying for your stay, or rent is coming out of your own pocket, everybody has a budget to stick to. However, posted prices may be flexible depending on the lease terms, length of stay, etc.  So don’t eliminate the property without finding out if the landlord is flexible with the rate.

–       Does the property offer the amenities and conveniences you are looking for? If security is important, you’ll want to be sure the property has controlled access.  And if you’ll have two vehicles with you, does the community accommodate (or even charge for) that extra parking spot.  Make a list of the little things in your life that you must have and cross-reference it with the property’s attributes.

–       Does the property’s location match your needs? Location should be at the top of your check list. Making sure that a property is located in close proximity to your work, grocery stores, restaurants and, overall, with a setting that you feel comfortable in.

–       Does the property size fit your requirements? If you are bringing the family with you or expecting visitors during your stay, you’ll not only want to be sure the property features enough bedrooms or sleeping space for its occupants, but also you’ll want to make sure that guests are okay with your landlord. The same goes for pets. If you’re bringing your cat or dog along for the stay, you’ll need to discuss whether this is permitted with the landlord and if there are extra fees involved as well.


Ten Tips to Reduce Your Company’s Business Travel Costs

As covered in last week’s blog post “The Rising Costs of Business Travel and Managing Your Company’s Expenses,” the cost of business travel is increasing. Despite the rise in gas prices which ultimately affects the costs of flights, rental car rates, and other transportation services, there are still ways that you can save your company some serious dough when it comes time to book your next business trip.

The eBook 10 Ways to Cut Corporate Travel Costs has lots of great solutions to save your company money when it comes to travel.

  1. Create a company wide travel policy. This policy should be in writing and distributed to everyone. It needs to include booking guidelines, expense allowances, and travel budgets.
  2. Travel Coordinator

    Hiring a travel coordinator might sound like yet another expense; however, they are experts and can find you the best rates.

     Hire a Travel Coordinator. Having one person in charge of booking all of your companies travel arrangements will allow them to find the best rates on flights, hotels, and cars since this is their primary responsibility. They will also know more ways to save money. Small business? No problem. Simply assign this task to one of your existing employees.

  3. corporate housing extended stay hotels

    For longer trips, booking a fully furnished corporate housing unit or extended stay hotel with a full kitchen is the perfect alternative and will help save money on food costs.

     For longer stays, try an extended stay hotel or corporate housingProviding your employees accommodations with kitchens will ultimately save money on meals.

  4. 3 star hotels

    Most 3-star hotels offer amenities that appeal to business travelers such as free wi-fi and complimentary breakfast for a fraction of the cost.

     Book mid-priced hotel rooms. Many 3 star hotels have been revamped to accommodate business travelers for a fraction of the cost. Many include free wi-fi, breakfast, and meeting rooms. Be sure your employees know that the company will not cover room service or mini-bar charges.

  5. Negotiation is always an option. Most hotels do offer corporate rates. Be sure to tell them that you are booking travel for your company. If they don’t offer a discount right off the bat, then you can always tell them you have narrowed it down between their hotel and another hotel close by and see if they offer you a discount then.
  6. Staying with Friends or Family Allowance

    If your employee stays with friends or family on a business trip, then give them an allowance to get the host a gift or take them out to dinner on the company – especially since they just saved you a ton of money on accommodations!

     Encourage employees to stay with friends or family. If your employee has friends or family in the area and they choose to stay there (which will ultimately save you tons on accommodations) then give them an allowance for a thank you gift or dinner compliments of the company.

  7. Advanced Booking for Travel

    Save big money by booking well in advance for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

     Book all travel arrangements in advance. The cost of airlines, hotels, and rental cars increase the closer it gets to your trip. In order to save money, be sure to book well in advance if possible.

  8. Save money on rental cars by booking with smaller brands. Many times, there are other rental car companies that can offer lower rates. They might not be at the airport but typically do offer complimentary shuttle service.
  9. Purchase coach class for domestic travel. The plane will get your employees to their destinations regardless of what type of seat they have so only splurge on business class if it’s an international flight.
  10. corporate shuttle

    Hiring a shuttle for larger company trips will save money and many offer wi-fi, entertainment, etc.

     Hire a Shuttle or Bus for larger group travel. Many offer free wi-fi, video, parking, and refreshments and will allow you to take the whole company for much cheaper than flying!

Hopefully these ten tips will help your company save money the next time you have to book travel arrangements for yourself and/or employees.


Experience the Power of Social Media Networking & Easily Find Local Cuisine

Our saga continues with our 10 best travel tips and 10 new smartphone/tablet applications all tailor made for the busy traveling professional.

Travel Tip of the Week #8:

Use your social media sites to grow your list of potential clients.

Jump on the Social Media bandwagon to reach out to your friends. You never know when you will make it into a business deal.

Review your friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. There are many people that you are connected to that you may have only met a handful of times or you only know them through someone else. Challenge yourself to reach out to a handful of new people each week using your social media sites and offer to buy them coffee. You never know when you can convert your existing contacts into a client or friend. Also, by doing this you are spreading the word of what you do and are growing your network.

Smartphone App of the Week

See how easy it is to search for local eats where ever you are.

This week’s App is Urbanspoon through iTunes. You may have heard of the website Well this app is the portable version of the site where you can view all local and chain restaurants in your area. If you don’t know what you are in the mood for at that moment, you can also shake your smartphone or tablet device and a random restaurant will be selected. If you are not satisfied with the first selection, keep shaking until you find something that clicks.  You can search for restaurants by neighborhood, type of food served, and price range. This app can be used to find restaurants not only in the USA but also in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. If you would like to find out more about this app or to download it to your smartphone/tablet, visit


Take Time to Learn the Language & Track Personal Income and Expenses During Travels’ Abroad

Our saga continues with our 10 best travel tips and 10 new smartphone/tablet applications all tailor made for the busy traveling professional.

Travel Tip of the Week – #6:

Learn the key phrases in your destination country’s language. Even if you only know four or five phrases such as “hello,” “thank you,” “please,” and “goodbye”, you will receive genuine smiles and kindness from the natives and better service for making the extra effort. It’s an added bonus if you also know how to say you don’t speak the language in their native tongue.

Brushing up on key phrases in the native tongue of where you are traveling to will make you look that much more professional.

Smartphone App of the Week

This week’s app is called ProfiTrakr and is the perfect app for any traveler to manage his or her personal and business income and expenses on the move. There are over 60 professions to choose from and the app allows for simple and quick data entry. It also features an adjustable calendar to record the correct transaction dates. You can edit or delete any entry at any time and your mileage is calculated at the most current IRS business rate. You can enter in receipt amounts or you can capture actual receipt photos that can be stored in the app. If you would like to find out more about this app or to download it to your smartphone/tablet, visit


Be Travel-Kind; An App Tailor Made for Busy Business Travelers

In this 10 week series, we will be featuring one business travel tip and one smartphone app developed primarily for the healthcare professional but that we have found can be beneficial to any kind of business traveler.

Business Travel Tip of the Week – #1

I was recently perusing and will be referencing throughout this 10-week series business trip travel tips compiled by

The first tip is “Be Nice.” I know this seems like a no-brainer to most but usually if you treat the staff at various tourism entities (i.e. hotels, corporate housing, restaurants/bars, etc.) with gratitude and respect, they will be more willing to reward you with extra perks. Tony Barker of claims he has “…been treated to late checkouts, after-hours private pool time, help with publicity on return trips, and forgotten stuff mailed to my home. I’ve also heard some stories of how some of those jerks get treated; NOT a category you ever want to be in!” So pay it forward with kindness and see the vast number of rewards that will befall you.

Smartphone App of the Week

A recent issue of Healthcare Traveler features an article titled, “Twenty mobile apps to check out,” and we did. I have compiled a list of my favorites to share with our readers over the next 10 weeks.

This week’s application is called “FlightBoard” and allows all smartphone or tablet users to view arrivals and departures for any airport in the world covering more than 4,000 airports and most airlines. This app is updated every five minutes allowing you to view airline arrivals and departures in real-time. There is also a search feature as well as sharing capabilities by email or on the major social media players: Facebook and Twitter. To find out more about FlightBoard or to download this amazing app, check out

Remember, we will be featuring one travel tip and one app each week. Please  stay tuned and keep reading for our tips next week!

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