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How to Capture Holiday Cheer When Staying in a Corporate Rental

You might be spending the December holidays in a corporate rental this year – but don’t fret – the good news is that you’re in a corporate rental, not a cramped hotel. A corporate rental gives you the flexibility to channel your own holiday cheer with few limitations.

Here are some tips to surviving the December holidays during your temporary stay in a corporate rental:

Decorate:  Just because you’re staying in a furnished rental property doesn’t mean you can’t bring make the place your own.  Put up that Christmas tree, hang those stockings, light that menorah, and decorate your rental to your liking. A little bit of your personal holiday touch will bring cheer to you during your temporary stay.

Host:  A corporate rental gives you the flexibility to host a few friends for dinner. Prepare some food, invite a few friends over and host that holiday get together like usual. If you’re staying in a corporate rental over the holidays and plan to host a dinner party, look for properties with a large dining room to give you the extra space you’ll need.

Get Local:  If you’re staying in a corporate rental away from home, take advantage of your new location to live like the locals live. Check out the local holiday events (Facebook is great for this!) and holiday foods special to the area you’re staying near. There’s no time like the present to take advantage of local holiday traditions!

If you’re staying in a corporate rental this holiday season, don’t fret. Rather, make the most of it by hanging your own decorations, hosting your own dinner party and enjoying everything your temporary location has to offer.


5 Rules when choosing Corporate Housing

All Corporate Housing Rentals or Corporate Housing Companies are NOT created equal.

When you are a renter you need to know not all corporate housing companies are the same, it is of the utmost importance to ask as many questions as you can think of each and every time. The experienced and quality property owners and managers will be able to address all your questions and concerns with ease.  CHPA Award

Rates. What does the monthly rate include? Are there discounts for longer leases? Are there additional fees?

Location. Is there a local office or on-site contact should I require assistance? If there is not a local contact ask how they handle client requests and property issues.

Services. What additional services are provided? For example, is there 24-hour maintenance service or other amenities that will make the stay pleasant?

Accreditation. Is the company a Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) member? CHPA is the trade organization for the corporate housing industry and requires specific levels of professionalism, excellence, customer service, and ethical standards. Ask whether the leasing agents are Certified Corporate Housing Professionals (CCHP). The CCHP certification means that the corporate housing professional has met clear industry standards. These accreditations will enable a relocation manager to distinguish a quality corporate housing agent from the pack.

Experience. What percentage of the corporate housing company’s business is involved in corporate relocations? Finding an experienced provider can be a bonus in this changing marketplace.  IMG_0042

Protection. How are the company and its vendors insured? This is especially important to find out when working with management companies that manage properties offered by individual homeowners.

Policies. What is the company’s policy when a guest does not like the property? Does it have other options available to accommodate that guest?

When you are a renter you need to know not all corporate housing rentals are the same, it is of the utmost importance to ask as many questions as you can think of each and every time

Read Reviews: Read every review for a rental very carefully. In our experience, prior tenants are the best possible indicators of what you’re going to find when you and your luggage show up. They will generally give you decent indication of how it will be to live in a place.

Check the Area: Use Google Earth to look at your rental before you commit. The kennel next door or the lively pub downstairs might be bearable for a few days, but after a month, daily annoyances can become infuriating.

Study The Photos: Does the sofa look comfortable in addition to looking fashionable. In the kitchen can you see a stove, microwave and other items you expect especially in international rentals. Use the photos to ask more questions to confirm the details in the property will be what you expect.  Las Vegas

Understand Parking & Transportation: If the rental listing does not specific exactly how far public transportation is from the rental, ask before you make the deal. Better yet, get an address for the rental, and you can let Google Maps do the investigation for you. You can actually have a look at the neighborhood and the building before you commit.

Research More: Take no prisoners on this issue if you depend on the Internet. When you begin to negotiate with an owner or representative, ask about Internet strength and let them know that this is a potential deal breaker. If you expect a strong, consistent broad band connection which will allow you to use Skype and stream entertainment without a hassle, tell them so right up front! In several cases during our home free life, we have been forced to make major demands once we have landed and discovered that we didn’t have a decent connection.

Corporate housing has come a long way in the past four decades and continues to evolve into a popular lodging solution for travelers of all walks of life. Change tends to breed misconceptions, so it has never been more important for renters to stay apprised and knowledgeable about the corporate housing industry. And even though the corporate housing industry has and likely will continue to change, you can count on one thing staying the same: corporate housing always has and will continue to provide short-term furnished housing to individuals and business executives who need a place to call home, even if only for a short while.

Managed Corporate Housing = AvenueWest

By Owner = CHBO

Corporate Housing Providers Association = CHPA





Atlanta Housing Options

Atlanta Housing Special!

2 Bedroom Townhome in Vinings – Atlanta, Georgia

Close to Cumberland Mall and Dobbins Air Reserve Base – This 2200 sqr feet 3-story Brownstone executive townhome in Vinings Overlook has beautiful finishes and is professionally decorated. The first 2 levels have hardwood floors. The home has plenty of windows with plantation shutters that can be adjusted to let in lots of light. On the main level there is an office, half bathroom, and a large 2 car garage. The second level has the living room, dining area, kitchen and another half bathroom.

The kitchen features custom cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and an extended counter with four counter-height stools.  The natural wood dining table seats 6.  The living area has leather seating, a gas fireplace, a large wall-mounted flat screen TV and a sound system with built-in speakers.  Off the kitchen, there is a private balcony with table, chairs and outdoor grill.  the 3rd level has two bedrooms, both with private en-suite bathrooms. There is also a laundry room on this level.  Both bathrooms have custom cabinets and granite countertops.  The master bedroom has a king bed and flat screen TV.  The master bathroom has 2 sinks, a soaking tub and a separate stand-up shower.  The second bedroom has two twin beds and lots of play space.  Its en-suite bathroom has a shower/tub combo.  Both bedrooms have large walk-in closets.   This is a pet-free, no smoking property.

This home is conveniently located near the I-75 and I-285 (Perimeter highway).  It is close to Cumberland Mall, Cobb Galleria, the new Atlanta Braves stadium (Suntrust Park) and Dobbins Air Reserve Base. There is plenty fine shopping, dining, entertainment and arts and recreation very nearby.

Call now to speak with a Property Specialist: (404) 618-4665

Or Click Here Complete a Housing Request Form




Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet and Travel Companion

If you are frequently relocated for your job, having a pet that is able to travel with you will make the transition your new surroundings that much easier. There are several factors to consider; however, before you pick out your new four-legged friend. You want to be sure that your new pet can spend hours alone, travels well, and adapts to changing work schedules and new surroundings easily.

  • Small dogs

    If you decide to get a dog as your new travel companion, a smaller breed generally travels better and adapts to smaller living spaces. Some housing options have pet weight restrictions too.

     Smaller breeds will be better to travel with. Most cat breeds are small enough to take with you on a plane ride but choose carefully when it comes to which breed of dog you choose. Asking a veterinarian will be your best bet to determine the size of your full grown pup if it is a mixed breed and you adopt it from a shelter. Generally, big paws = big dog.

  • North American Temperament Test Association

    Be sure you test your potential new pets temperament to see if they would be a good fit for you.

     Choose a pet with the appropriate temperament level. Breeders are a good source to find out a particular breed’s temperament. You can check out to find training consultants near you and read their blog all about dogs. You can also visit for information all about temperament testing and breed statistics.

  • Dog Training

    Be sure to train your new pet right away and be consistent.

     Start the training process right away. Consistency is key when you train your new pet. Be sure you stop any bad behaviors as soon as you see them and put your new pet on a set schedule. Don’t allow your new pet to do anything that you don’t want it to continue doing once it is settled in.

  • Pet Carriers

    Get your new pet used to all that travel brings – car rides, carriers, etc. before you take your next journey together!

     After they are fully vaccinated, expose them to the traveling lifestyle. Be sure you get your new pet accustomed to car rides and their pet carriers that they will be in during travel so that they can get used to this before you take your first journey together. Get them some toys to play while you are gone during the day.

Pets bring joy into our lives and can make our transition easier whenever we are relocated to a new city. Be sure you choose a good travel companion that can easily adapt to their new surroundings as well and changes in your schedule. Most places do allow pets but many times they have weight restrictions so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting your new pet. Follow all the above tips and pretty soon your pet will be the perfect travel companion!

So Where are We Headed dogs

To find the perfect home away from home that accepts pets nationwide, visit or if you are relocating to Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX; San Francisco, CA; or Colorado Springs, CO, visit for fully furnished, all-inclusive short or long term rentals.


Give back through travel:)

Give back through travel:)

How do you give back?  a Family, a baby, a bike, 5000km, 5 counties, a Crazy Dream!  


Looking for Some Traveling Inspiration? Check out these blogs.

The online Magazine, SheKnows, compiled a list of their favorite travel blogs. We are Going to be featuring and breaking down their top 10 travel blogs:

  1.  AlmostFearless This blog is written and compiled by Christine Gilbert. She talks about her travels with her husband Drew, 2 1/2 year old son Cole, and baby #2 is coming soon. They travel to some pretty amazing countries, take some pretty amazing photos, and eat some delicious food. They are making a documentary, Christine is writing a book, and her husband is creating art along their incredible journey.

  2.  SoManyPlaces This blog is an amazing story about a husband and wife duo who both quit their jobs and sold everything in May 2012 to travel around the world. Wow! They are truly inspiring!

  3.  DangerousBusiness Follow Amanda as she travels all over while also giving travel advice, tips, guides, reviews, personal travel stories, photos, etc.

  4.  JohnnyVagabond Wes is the man behind this well written blog featuring gear tips, travel tips, awesome photos, crazy stories, how to travel on a budget, etc. and it keeps you laughing.

  5.  JackandJillTravel This blog follows around a young married couple while they travel through the US and around the world. They saved up money and traveled for a year back in 2011. Instead of spending their money on a big expensive wedding, they eloped and used that money to travel instead. My kind of people!

  6.  NomadicMatt Another blog written by a travel enthusiast who also quit his job in 2004 and has been traveling ever since! This blog was created so that he could help everyone travel cheaper, better, and for longer periods of time. He provides his readers with current travel information, tips, and photos from his trips too. He has also published a book about traveling on a budget.

  7.  BaconIsMagic Follow Ayngelina on her journey alone through Latin America. She left her life, boyfriend, and job behind in Toronto to find out about herself. “I am creating a new life choosing what I want instead of what other people think I should do.” Amazing! If only everyone thought this way!

  8.  WanderingEarl This blog follows Earl (Derek) on his life journey as a permanent nomad! He thought he would just be going on a 3-month post graduation tour of Southeast Asia back in 1999 that just hasn’t ended yet! What a life! Read his posts about perspectives, transportation, travel costs, gear, tips, working and traveling, food, how tos and so much more.

  9.  NomadicChick For all you single, mid-life ladies out there, this blog is the perfect combination of inspiration, woman power, travel resources, teaching in China, traveling by train, etc. Jeannie Mark was fed up with her normal, boring, unfulfilled life and decided to travel and write about her journeys and that is just what she is doing. You go girl!
  10.  TheEverywhereist Follow Geraldine and her hubby Rand as they get to travel all over the US/World for Rand’s job. Geraldine got laid off and so now she travels along with him. Her writing is filled with sarcasm and wit but is enjoyable to read. She says in the about section that the reason she is blogging is mostly for her husband’s benefit so he can remember all of the amazing places they were able to go together. This blog is a series of love letters to him. I love it already!

These ten blogs are full of inspiring tales, travel deals, tips, resources, games, life, photos, and love for anyone to enjoy but we feel that they are most useful for those of us who are avid travelers or who wish to be. We hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do.


GBTA Talks Travel Statistics…

175% – Business travel spending in Brazil has increased by 175% since 2005; in China, that number has increased by nearly 300%.

$1.1 Trillion –  Worldwide, business travelers will spend nearly $1.1 trillion (USD) in 2012, roughly equal to the GDP of South Korea, the world’s 15th largest economy.

68% – In the United States, 68% of all business travelers operate under a managed travel program.

80% – A business traveler who visits Chicago pays 80% more in taxes during a one-night stay than a traveler overnighting in Fort Lauderdale.

8% – At US companies with managed travel programs, ancillary fee expenses account for 8% of all travel expenditures.

!! China is set to become the biggest spender on business travel, surpassing the United States, in 2015.


How to Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected When Dealing With Unexpected Flight Changes

When dealing with frequent business travels, we have all come across flight delays or cancellations due to the weather or other unexpected, uncontrollable situations. Here are five helpful tips that will give you some semblance of control and, most importantly, will help you get where you need to go:

  1. Always book directly from the airline’s website. Using intermediary websites such as,, etc. will only cause greater headaches if ever you are in a travel jam because you will need to call that company directly to make changes. You can eliminate the middle man by booking directly with the airlines.  When you book with an airline directly,  and should an unexpected travel situation arise, you can speak to one of their agents directly who can mostly likely more quickly sort out the problem and provide you with more travel options.
  2. Be proactive when you find out your flight is delayed or canceled. If ever you find yourself with a cancelled or delayed flight, get on the internet promptly and begin doing your own due-diligence on possible flights or routes that you could take instead.  If you don’t have internet access, call the airline and speak to an agent about what options are available. If you did your homework online, you might even bring to their attention a better route to get to where you need to go. By doing your own research, you are now more informed and helpful to the reservations agent than you might have been before. You can also feel more in control about the situation at hand.
  3. Avoid “bad” airports. Look up which airports are experiencing delays and/or cancellations so you can ensure your new flight doesn’t go through any delayed airports. Try avoiding airports with the most frequent cancellations and delays if possible. San Francisco and Chicago are two cities that constantly experience flight delays or cancellations because of the weather.
  4. Be kind. When speaking to the airline agent either over the phone or while at the airport, do not lose your cool. Do not get angry, upset or nasty when you are speaking with them. Instead, calmly explain the problem and let the agent know that you are not holding them personally responsible for the situation. Be reasonable and provide possible options while being nice simultaneously. The agent will be more apt to identify with you and will want to help you if you’re nice.
  5. Don’t argue. If you must spend the night somewhere unexpectedly, do not argue with the airline agent about who is going to foot the hotel bill. If you let them know that you are willing to spend a night then many more options will be opened up to you. Also, if you are traveling for business, most companies will gladly reimburse you for the expense, especially if you made it to your destination on time.

Be proactive while staying calm to find the best solutions during flight delays or cancellations.

Traveling can be very stressful at times, especially if your flight gets delayed or cancelled. If ever you experience unexpected travel hiccups in the future, remember to stay calm, cool, and collected to get the best outcomes in the end.

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